Hillary’s southern accent explained: Blame it on migraines

by editor on April 25, 2010

Remember when Hillary visited Southern states during the Democrat primaries and suddenly developed a southern drawl? At the time, we accused her of pandering to her mostly black audience. Well, now we are issuing a complete and full apology to Ms. Clinton.

It turns out there was a simple explanation after all. Migraines.

Breitbart.com explains the painful repercussions:

A British woman has suddenly started speaking with a Chinese accent after suffering a severe migraine, she said in comments quoted by British media Tuesday.

Sarah Colwill believes she has Foreign Accent Syndrome (FAS) which has caused her distinctive West Country drawl to be replaced with a Chinese twang, even though she has never even visited the country.

The 35-year-old from Plymouth, southwest England, is now undergoing speech therapy following an acute form of migraine last month which reportedly left her with a form of brain damage.

Hmmm. Brain damage. That may well explain not just Hillary’s southern drawl, but the entire liberal agenda.

Source: Breitbart.com

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Always On Watch

Brain damage. That may well explain not just Hillary’s southern drawl, but the entire liberal agenda.

LOL. That’s the truth, all right.


Finally! An explanation for Madonna’s phony British accent.


I understand how this could happen, the same thing happens to me when I watch Paula Deen. I normally want biscuits afterward as well.


Migraines are a neurological disease, and a typical attack starts out with misfiring neurons in your brain (these produce the aura among other symptoms). I’ve had occasional attacks of aphasia at the start of my more severe attacks. And it has also been recently discovered that those who suffer from frequent attacks (more than 3/month) have a higher incidence of brain lesions. So far it’s believed that these are mostly “silent” meaning they have no overt effect, but since the discovery is relatively new, not much study has been done. Migraines can also cause strokes because another effect of an attack is altered bloodflow in your brain.

I see neurologist regularly for mine because I tend to suffer between 12-15 attacks on the average month if I do nothing to control them.

So, it is plausible that this woman might have had the effects described although I don’t think much of what I’ve heard of migraine recognition and treatment in the UK.

As for Mrs. Clinton … stop making excuses. She made a poor attempt to pander and we all know it. 😉