International “Love the prophet Mohammad” day results in good feeling, pride, murder. 17 dead in Pakistan, 3000 Muslims march on the US embassy in Malaysia. “…the media doesn’t want to tell you that Obama’s supposed Charm Offensive, combined with his Apology Gambit, isn’t working.” Well, the foreign press will. They must be racists or something.

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You know, if films, books,etc are so offensive, why read them? I don’t care for porn, so I don’t read or watch it. ALL of this is an excuse to destabilize the globe, and let Muslims move in to rule. THe Prophet has little or nothing to do with it. THe rioters? Muslim equivalents of useful idiots.


If we’d just left them alone to murder themselves during the mid 19th century, they might all be dead by now. But NOOOOOOO, we had to teach them about hygiene, and how to make missles and bombs and how to strong arm their non muslim neighbors and they left their sandbox and came to ours! Ingrates!

Missile Command

“One placard said to Obama “…blame yourself. You started it.”” Whoa, THAT’S going too far, asking the One to take blame? Saying it openly?

The response from the WH is swift. The party has been ordered to Defcon 1. MSNBC psy-ops and democrat truth squads from Chicago are being rushed into the area. Obama has signed an executive order to immediately carpet-bomb this area with propaganda flyers (NYT will do) detailing the “truth”. CNN will be given more stimulus $$ to go and interview these people, after the truth has been explained to them, that properly blame Bush.

No, Obama cannot be blamed. Yes we can fix that…


Love the prophet day?
I love it when followers of the baby raping prophet kill each other, does that count?


Looks like the Muslim world really heeded O’s plea on late night tv to protect our people over there.


“burned six cinemas”

But Hollywood is sympthetic to Islam and insulting towards Christians both here and abroad who contribute who knows how much to their bottom line.

Elrond Hubbard

Islam is the only religion that could have a “love” day and wind up with seventeen dead.

Maybe they were fighting over who loves the prophet more.