Interstate Legal Attack on Range Leaves More Questions than Answers. This could be the first interstate lawsuit against a gun range over noise. It smells enough to cross several state lines.


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Not so silent
Not so silent

Again, can’t get rid of the second amendment,so gt rid of ranges, ammo, and tax the shit out of it. That is the left’s version of gun control.

So lets start to tax protests, starbucks, Target and all the other liberal favorites. Remove any starbucks near a school since caffeine is addictive, Tax the shit out of Google and call it a spy tax, charge $10,000 to license a hybrid car, $2,000,000,000 to renew each wind farm licence (weekly), Tax newspapers at 90 percent, up the fees for major networks to use the frequency spectrum to 10 billion a week…annoy the living shit out of liberals with thousands of lawsuits…fight fire with fire.


I’m embarrassed for my tribe. I have a huge problem with the secular reformed half-Buddhists with money who descend from the same people agitating the Bolshies a century ago. They preach equity and that the land should belong to everyone while they actually buy land to remove people they don’t like because they have no respect for others owning property except themselves. In other words, something died (freedom) and anointed them as gods.

Joe Redfield
Joe Redfield

Some conservative with good hearing and nothing to do should file an interstate noise pollution complaint against the nearest wind farm.