Is austerity, shrinking wages, and firing of public workers a bad thing? One Eastern-European country’s actual experience. “Latvia has a flat personal tax, low corporate tax, fired on third of civil workers and the results speak for themselves: low inflation, high growth, and politicians re-elected.” Yes, but that plan makes it impossible to pay off donors and cronies or buy votes with public money… so it’s raaaaacist and sexist and blah, blah, blah…

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So, how is it that in spite of centuries of evidence to the contrary, the left still thinks that socialism works?


The left still thinks? I think you might need to re-think that.


While many very liberal people do not think at all, I know quite a few intelligent and decent that actually have the disease when it come to their politics. That really doesn’t make any sense at all. I’ve known some people for decades, since we were in our teens, that developed it in their 20s. Met several more in the past decade that seem otherwise smart and basically logical, small biz owners that are absolute socialists, unhappy with the expense coming their way, but still lefty. Baffling.


I have a lot of friends and acquaintances who are equally liberal and inconsistent in their thinking. They just do not seem to be able to think through their positions. As if everything is an abstract to them with no real-world implications. Everything isn’t as it should be and they think that if only one more tweak to the system could be made, then everything will be perfect…utopia. Emotional infants in so many ways.


It’s the small business owners that are the most baffling.
I have a friend that owns a million dollar plus a year flooring business that is a rabid Obama supporter. Even more baffling is the fact that he’s a late middle aged, white man from Tennessee! Not exactly the typical Obama demographic.


It’s groupthink. People want to be part of the herd, and are afraid to start to have their own opinion. It’s a fair cop — look what happens to liberals that leave the plantation, compare it to what happens to a conservative that becomes liberal (rare, but it happens).

The liberals act like a bunch of harpies, attacking anything and everything about the defector while the conservatives basically just say: “It’s a free country, and you can do what you want. It’d be a good idea to see about that head injury, though.”


Mentions Iceland favorably too. I don;t know about Latvia overall, but I think Iceland still counts as pretty hard-left Blue State Socialist: even if they are having to rethink some of their basic ideas.

Joe Redfield

Progressives sneer at anything that works, be it people or economic systems.


California should start here:
369 of them, most useless, most used for political payoffs or termed out politicians who can’t get re-elected get appointed. That’s only a partial list, too.


But…but…but….They must be RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACIST, and it’s Bushes fault.