Jim Cramer compares Obama to Lenin

by editor on February 4, 2009

cramer_leninCNBC “Mad Money” host Jim Cramer sees some scary similarities between the words of President Obama and those of communist revolutionary Vladimir Lenin.

Obama dogged Wall Street by saying there would be a time “for them to make profits, and there will be time for them to get bonuses. Now’s not that time. And that’s a message that I intend to send directly to them.”

Cramer made this comparison: “There was a little snippet last week that was, ‘Now is not the time for profits.’ Look – in Lenin’s book, “What Is to Be Done,” is simple text of what I always though was for the communists. It was remarkable to hear very similar language from ‘What Is to Be Done?’ which is we have no place for profits.”

What’s really frightening about this whole thing is that we find ourselves agreeing with Cramer.

But it’s not something we’re proud of.

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I have studied Soviet and Russian history and read quite a bit about these subjects. I also see numerous similarities between Obama and Lenin. I feel there is particular significance in Obama’s role as a community organizer and his use of community organizations such as ACORN. This type of activity reminds me of the way the Bolsheviks mobilized cadres and dispatched them to the countryside in the midst of the revolution. Obama is trying to effect a socialist revolution through such organizations and activities. I think we finally have met the real Manchurian candidate. I for one have had enough!


Critics of the President would get a lot farther if they would kool their rhetoric and stop sounding so hysterical and unbalanced. True, Cramer ‘s show biz personna is that of a “mad” man. However, what he recently said on MSNBC was pathetic. You cannot defend Wall St. traders and big banker by supporting give us taxpayers’ money with no strings attached, while they are completely callous about folks losing their jobs, homes, and health benefits. (Today, we hear traders were all aglow to hear oil prices were up! What does that mean for the average American?) Cramer would have us believe everybody is looking to the stock market. Nonsense, most of us regular types have given up worrying about our retirement funds. We are worrying if we will have income in the new future for the sweat of brows.


The sheeple elected a communist and it’s time that those who love Liberty wake up to the FACT that if we ever live in Liberty again…

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I rarely agree with Cramer, but this is an important point. Obama is dangerous and this use of language illustrates his core beliefs – which he and Lenin seem to share.

Business is about making profits and the government has NO business setting rates of compensation.

On the other hand, banks and other corporations that take taxpayer money should replace executive management (CEO, President, COO, Chief Risk Officer and division heads of problem units) and at least 50% of the board of directors (including the Chairman). That should be a stipulation.

Think of it this way, if you owned a company and hired a CEO, who subsequently ran the company to the brink of or into bankruptcy, would you keep him in place as you bailed out the firm? No! You would fire him and hire new people to fix the problem.

I am not surprised that Obama is confused and can’t figure this out. Are you?


Right-wing wacko observations? C’mon, would you rather we treat failed banking and finance executives like royals? While the peasantry keeps living on scraps?