Joe Biden is creating jobs like nobody’s business

by editor on December 18, 2009

Joe Biden has also saved or created 700,000 follicles

Joe Biden has also saved or created 700,000 follicles

Why, to hear Joe Biden tell it, he’s a regular job creating dynamo.

Here’s how Bloomberg reports the story of this walking, talking economic miracle:

President Barack Obama’s clean- energy initiatives will help create more than 700,000 jobs and allow the U.S. to double its renewable-power generation in three years, according to a report by Vice President Joe Biden.

Biden, in a memo on administration efforts to shift to a clean-energy economy, said projects in the $787 billion economic stimulus package are contributing to “unprecedented growth” in renewable energy, such as wind and solar, and improving manufacturing for new clean-energy technology.

Hold your horses there, buckeroo. The Wall Street Journal noticed something a little odd about those jobs:

Take a look at footnote 3 on page 2 of the Biden memo:

All of the job estimates used in this document correspond to jobs that last for one year. Of course, some jobs could last longer–in this case the number of distinct jobs would be reduced proportionately. For example, a project that employs one person for two years would count as creating two jobs.

We suppose if the guy doesn’t get fired from either of his two jobs over the course of the two years, that would count as four jobs saved or created.

Of course. It’s like Biden’s hair plugs. He takes them from one part of his head and moves them to another part of his head and says he’s created or saved 700,000 follicles.

Source: Bloomberg

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Lurking but leaving
Lurking but leaving

Wow, where are we, in grade school? Joe Biden is performing excellently in his job as vice president…everything from foreign policy, Iraq troop drawdown and new voting policy, ARRA, middle class task force, green energy, health care reform, plus some vice president duties, and this blogger takes the low road and talks about hair? And the peanut gallery of two chimes in?

Even conservatives understand that the stimulus initially stopped recession/depression and that job loss from previous administration continues. It is changing ever so gradually, btw, and a few months fixing years of problems can’t do it. But it is changing.

But, this is good as it is a wonderful indicator…the lowbrow hair reference… that Mr. Biden is doing well, very well indeed. Of course, we all knew that.


Lurking but leaving, you are full of sh*t.

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act was meant to be a band-aid on a chest wound and not bring about recovery but retard the decline somewhat. It has not even done that. The Dems are talking up ‘stabilization’ nowadays and less recovery.

Middle class task force? More wasteful and invasive Big Government in your life to tell you, the stupid citizen, how you have to live in order to be of best service to Obama and his gang.

Green energy? See Al Gore and his ‘success’ in that crisis area. Biden is a cheerleader for the textbook leftist causes and nothing more. He is also another sell out corporatist and the ‘green’ tech is not so green after all- nor as economically viable as once was thought.

Iraq troop drawdown? Wow! The plan that Bush 43 laid out (mostly all of it) before he left office can be followed successfully? So Joe can follow the paint by numbers moves when another is the architect of the plan? That and the whole MILITARY doing the real job and actually work (plans and execution).

Health care reform? Get off the drugs son! They are no good for you! LOL! You must be high if you think ‘reform’ took place. More like rewarding a busted system and making it WORSE and more costly!

Foreign Policy? Details? Yeah, I thought not… Hillary and her Pants Suits have done, oh, 15 times more work in that area then Slow Joe. And Obama’s ‘bow to all’ crap seems to be the real headline foreign policy.

Hair care aside… Joe Blow is doing well only if you pull some accounting tricks with the information to spin facts worse then the ClimateGate data set scam or the Enron number tricks. Then Biden looks to be on course. Biden also makes about as many gaffes as Barry does- but no one seems to care nor pay attention to the #2 idiot in charge as much as we have to see the #1 fool screw up.

For your post you just copied the bullet points from on what Biden has been attending to and what events he has been present at: What he got done, of positive merit, actually amounts to jack s*it!


Joe Biden needs to explain
Why his mouth disconnects from his brain
Cuz the things he affirmed
Can’t be confirmed
and he talks like he’s snortin’ cocaine.

neo bonbon
neo bonbon

haha. love the follicle analogy.