Breaking news: Joe Biden talks nonsense with Larry King

by editor on February 14, 2010

Joe Biden is the best talk show guest ever. Because viewers know they can just sit back and wait for that moment when he says something really stupid.

Here are two examples from Wednesday’s interview with Larry King:

“I’ve been really impressed with the success we’ve had building on the last administration in dealing with these (terrorist attacks).”

What? Say what? What the hell? Did he really say that the Bush administration was successful in combating terrorist attacks? Obama’s going to have to take Joe to the woodshed again.

“Someone just strapping on a backpack of them with explosives that are indigenous.”

What? Say what? What the hell? Indigenous explosives. What the hell are indigenous explosives?

Interview over now? Somebody wake up Larry King and tell him it’s time to go home.

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I am not a stupid person, but I got to say I heard what he said and forgot it less than five minutes later as I went to do something and came back… I do feel stupid listening to this guy, so I am not even going to bother listening to it again. He is lame everything he says is lame OR dangerous or both.

The plugs look good… not really just trying to be nice which is hard to do.


There is nothing anybody can learn from Larry King talking to Joe Biden. Larry is bad enough on the best of nights, since he is barely aware of his own existance, & if he took off his shoes, it would expose his toe tag.

As for Plugs Biden, dumbest man to ever his the office of Vice President, he talks $h!t all the time, & is usually wrong about whatever he is yapping about. He is now trying to lay claim to success in Iraq, but wanted to partition it into 3 parts a few years back. He needs to be locked up in the basement & not allowed to go near a camera & mic. He always steps in it, & the fact that he is no longer in the Senate is a good thing.


Joe Biden is the Kevin Federline of the OBama administration.

paul mitchell

Doddering Joe is sandpoundingly stupid. I think Obama picked Joe as his VP because Joe was the only Democrat in DC that could actually make Barry appear marginally intelligent. In a strange turn of events, making Barry look marginally intelligent proves impossible for even Joe FREAKING Biden.

We are so very screwed with these dimbulbs in charge.


Yes, first time caller, longtime viewer.
Anyhoo, Larry, thanks for taking my call. My name is Osama, I was wondering if you could explain just how unprepared you will be for another 9/11 attack and exactly where you will be most vulnerable.
I’ll hang up the satellite phone and listen to the answer.