Journalists Struggle To Define ‘Fake News’ Even As They Declare War On It: Clearly fake news is anything that disagrees with the current proglodyte narrative and its desire for a monopoly on information. And if you have a problem with that please report to Ministry of Truth for the proper reconditioning.

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Not so silent

Lying has become an art form I hear, they give out Pulitzer’s for it now. Kinda like the old days when they had liar’s contests and the old guys would sit around telling whoppers…The news media in this country has just about hit rock bottom…Just about, I am sure the WAPOO will take them down if the NYT doesn’t get their first. Used to be the National Inquirer and Weekly World News made up shit all the time, Now they are more trustworthy than anything out of New York, Chitcago, L.A. or any other demotard controlled city.

I can’t wait to see WAPOO print a story that Trump had an aliens baby and is from another planet, or the NYT prints that Trump is Really Elvis with blond hair. The stupid is strong with the media elites these days..


I seem to recall seeing that story several years ago.

Joe Redfield

The presence of Cutie Couric is a sure sign that fake news is close by. Matt Lauer with hair shows how long this has been going on at Nothing But Commies News.