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Judge dismisses Palin defamation case against New York Times. Judge Jed Jackoff Rakoff a Clinton appointee (of course), is the one who tossed the case. We guess he thinks the libtard press should be able to spout whatever bullshit they want to with impunity. We hope Palin appeals this.

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Sarah Palin reminds the country of what the media conveniently chooses to forget – President Obama’s prominent role in forcing the country to bang its head on the debt ceiling every day for the past month.


And at the end of the second inning the score stands at Palin 1, Obama 0

Let’s go to Palin’s Facebook page for the money quotes:

[Obama] proposed an absurdly irresponsible budget that would increase our debt by trillions of dollars, and whose party failed to even put forward a budget in over 800 days!

Not coincidentally, 800 days is as long as he’s been in office.

[Obama] is pushing our country to the brink because of his reckless spending on things like the nearly trillion dollar “stimulus” boondoggle.

His current “untouchable” sacred cow boondoggles include hi-speed rail, Obamacare and “green” jobs.

[Obama] ignored his own debt commission’s recommendations and demonized the voices of fiscal sanity …wanted to push through an increase in the debt ceiling that didn’t include any cuts in government spending! …wants to slam Americans with tax hikes to cover his reckless spending …hasn’t put forward a responsible plan himself, but has rejected reasonable proposals that would tackle our debt. …who still refuses to understand that the American electorate rejected his big government agenda last November.

“We don’t want it. We can’t afford it. And we are unwilling to pay for it.”

And that includes his damn vacations.

He has been deemed a lame duck president. And he is angry now because he is being treated as such.

We had to check twice, but she did say “duck.” Although spelling it with an “i” would also have been correct.

– Written by Bonfire of the Absurdities


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What the hell. If President Obama can take credit for the Navy SEAL success, we’ll take credit for Sarah Palin’s line on Fox News Sunday.

Yeah, we said this line. It was ours. It was a gutsy call on our part.

Here’s Sarah Palin on FOX News Sunday using our line about Barack Obama running for reelection:

The point is this administration has got to be honest and candid with the American public. The bottom line is their plans for bigger government, more federal control over our private sector, more regulations, and more burdensome mandates on our businesses and on our people, it’s not working. And we do need to shift gears and change course. It’s very noble of President Obama to want to stay at the helm and maybe go down with the sinking ship but I prefer and many Americans prefer that we start plugging the hole that we start powering up the bilge pump and start getting rid of some of the unsustainable debt that is sinking our ship. We don’t have to go the way of the Titanic.

We also wrote the Gettysburg Address, the Beatles’ song Yesterday, and the play Death of A Salesman. But Barack Obama helped us with the last one.

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Damn, it must be painful to be a Chris Matthews guest and have to sit there listening to his inane comments without rolling your eyes. Republican strategist Ron Christie was Monday night’s victim as Matthews explained not only how stupid Sarah Palin’s supporters are, but how intelligent his viewers are.

Both of them.

Matthews: Okay, do you know what I think she’s doing? Hey Ron…
Ron Christie: Yeah.
Matthews: …think about this, because I respect you. Do you know what I think she’s doing? I don’t think she is a thoughtful politician. I think she’s talking to people who don’t read newspapers, don’t pay attention to serious television broadcasts, whether the Lehrer Hour or anything like it or even this program, don’t pay attention to anything that’s even in the middle, who don’t have any effort at all to learn anything, believe her when she says they’re keeping the truth from us when the people who believe her are making absolutely no effort to find out what the truth is. So they’re willing to believe it’s somebody else’s fault. She’s in an interesting little game she plays with people.

We believe that Christie’s career as a Republican strategist is over. How can he ever overcome the fact that he’s respected by Chris Matthews?


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One tells jokes, the other one is a joke, as this story clearly demonstrates.

Larry O’Donnell made not one, but two bonehead blunders on his show last week.

First, he got the words to “America the Beautiful” wrong when he said, “God shed His light on thee” instead of “grace.” If Palin had made that same mistake, MSNBC would present an entire week of shows declaring her an idiot and un-American (which they’ll do anyway.)

Later in the show, Larry let his Palin Derangement Syndrome blind him while citing a joke Palin made over the weekend. Referring to Washington Post columnist Dana Milbank’s call for a “Palin Free February” in the media, she said it sounds good because “there’s a lot of chaos in Cairo and I can‘t wait to not get blamed for it—at least for a month.”

Larry the Cable News Guy’s misinterpretation of the joke comes at the 5:20 mark of the clip below.

Yes, that’s right. Palin mocks Larry and the media for their obsession with her, and Larry thinks she’s mocking Egypt.

Considering where Larry’s head usually resides, you’d think it would be easy for him to discern that he was the butt of the joke.

– Written by Sonny Palermo

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Based on ratings we know that few people watch MSNBC. But are the few trolls that do really listening?

At the 6:00 mark of the clip below (please skip ahead to that point and save six minutes of your life you’ll never get back) MSNBC’s Chris Matthews recalls the good old days in politics when horse racing metaphors like “front runner” and “handicapping the race” were used instead of war metaphors.

But he wasn’t waxing nostalgic without an agenda, he was using it as a setup to launch his daily attack on Sarah Palin, for using bullets and gun metaphors such as “bullseye” and “reloading.”

“Why?” Chris beseeches the gods, “why is Sarah Palin sticking to her guns? Why does she keep talking like this?”

Yes, while criticizing Palin for using gun metaphors Matthews used a gun metaphor.

We give up. At this point, we admit that we can no longer comprehend what’s happening on Hardball.

Is Matthew’s duplicity so ingrained that it spews forth naturally, irrepressibly, without forethought or calculation?

Or has his Palin Derangement Syndrome reached such an advanced stage that it has officially rendered him psychotic?

– Written by Sonny Palermo

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Oh, man. What’s a whacked out liberal to do? What is this world coming to when those ignorant American sheep don’t buy the newest line of leftist bullshit? has details of a new poll sure to depress the wild-eyed left:

Almost 60 percent of the public believes that heated political rhetoric has nothing to do with an Arizona shooting spree that gravely wounded Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D) and killed a federal judge.

Fifty-seven percent of respondents in a new CBS News poll said rhetoric is unrelated to the shooting, while 32 percent said they believe the two are connected…

… Republicans who responded to the poll do not believe the shooting was related to rhetoric at a greater rate than Democrats. Sixty-nine percent of Republicans said rhetoric was not a factor, compared to 19 percent who said it was connected.

A narrow plurality of Democrats believe there is no relationship — 49 percent to 42. Fifty-six percent of independents believe rhetoric is unrelated to the shooting, and 33 percent think it was.

But it gets worse. Not even the reliable leftist loons on The View are buying it. And they’re usually willing to believe any left wing conspiracy theory.


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Taste, which has never been a factor in Kathy Griffin’s humor, will be even less of a factor here in the new year. According to Fox News, the world’s unfunniest comedian’s New Year’s resolution was to “continue ridiculing the Palins.”


Increasingly desperate Kathy Griffin now considers politicians' kids easy targets

Her target this year? 16-year old Willow Palin because Griffin feels is her “year to go down.”

In an attempt to justify what would appear to any rational human as the somewhat bizarre image of a 50-year old woman attacking a 16-year old, Griffin said, “(Willow’s) called people a faggot on FaceBook a couple of times.” Puffing out her liberal chest as liberals are wont to do when attempting to sound righteous, Griffin proudly said, “You don’t throw around the F-word without hearing about it from me.”

Really? Suppose the F-word is “fat.” That, apparently, is fine with Griffin. You may recall that her attack on Bristol Palin’s appearance on Dancing With The Stars was based solely on Bristol’s weight. Body image expert Sarah Maria was quoted as saying “Calling Bristol Palin fat is inappropriate and distasteful even under the guise of humor.”

Hmmm. “Inappropriate” and “distasteful.” That seems to sum up Kathy Griffin pretty damn well.

In closing, we feel obliged to remind you that Kathy Griffin is, after all, an “L-word.” And no, we don’t mean that L-word. We mean “loser.”


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If you read the bios of all of the “journalists” at the Huffington Post you might believe them all to be brilliant political strategists, what with “Director” of this and “Professor” of that associated with their names. And Marty Kaplan would fit that mold exactly.

marty kaplan

Marty Kaplan is the highly-esteemed Norman Lear Professor of Entertainment, Media & Society at the USC Annenberg School for Communication & Journalism. How does he fit all that on a business card?

Why is it then that in writing “The Vitriol in Our National Bloodstream” Kaplan feels justified in making up his own facts?

In writing about the horrors that occurred in Tucson, his focus was “violent rhetoric” and it wasn’t just any old violent rhetoric that had Kaplan’s liberal knickers in a knot, but the horrible, evil of “the inflammatory rhetoric of McCain/Palin events in 2008” and “the ugly confrontations at congressional town halls in the summer of 2009.”

It’s kind of amazing how liberal memories work. Which “McCain/Palin events” is the author referring to? If our memory serves correctly, the only examples of violence during the 2009 town hall meetings attributed to the left, such as the infamous SEIU beating of an African-American vendor.

Going even further down the deluded liberal path, Kaplan finds the tragedy in Tucson the perfect opportunity to score political points against “right-wing anarchism” and the ridiculous individuals who “accord scriptural authority to the Constitution” and don’t believe as the author does that “The Constitution isn’t holy writ; it’s a living document whose text and meaning have evolved through the centuries” which essentially means that people like Kaplan can make it mean anything they want it to mean.

The author also wants this tragedy to be “a teachable moment.” That’s a noble sentiment, but unfortunately, he only wants it to teach something that is not true.

The right, whether speaking of Republicans, Conservatives or Tea Party, has no interest in “tearing down the government,” but merely in limiting it.

That became a crime when, Professor Kaplan?

Source: Huffington Post

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Aaron Sorkin’s article in Huffington Post entitled “In Her Defense, I’m Sure the Moose Had It Coming” started out promisingly enough.


Surprise, surprise! Angry Aaron Sorkin doesn't like Sarah Palin.

Quoting Sarah Palin’s Facebook post the article begins, “Unless you’ve never worn leather, sat upon a leather chair or eaten meat, save your condemnation.” He then goes on to say “You’re right, Sarah, we’ll all just go fuck ourselves now.” Fair enough, but then like most liberals he fails to do as promised.

Sorkin bashes Palin for everything from her Facebook use, to her torturing of animals (which most individuals would call “hunting”) to her making “snuff films,” to her killing the poor caribou not “for food or shelter or even fashion” (which is apparently okay) but “for fun.”

As if all that weren’t enough Sorkin then compares Palin and all hunters, whom he refers to as “faux-macho shitheads,” to Michall Vick. Yes, we were all horrified when we learned that Palin had tortured the caribou for refusing to fight other caribou as apparently occurred on Sorkin’s home planet.

Sorkin saves the worst for last. As mentioned earlier, Palin did not hunt for food, shelter, or fashion. No, she did it for fun and for “political gain.” Yes, political gain. Because as we all know Palin is planning to run for President on the “Hey, I shot a caribou. Vote for me” platform.

Sorkin also informs us that he was arrested for cocaine possession in 2001 so that “Palin’s Army of Arrogant Assholes, bereft of any reasonable rebuttal” won’t be able to write about it first.

While cocaine addiction may explain a bit of the anger emanating from a certain screenwriter it cannot be solely responsible for this tirade. A likelier explanation is that Sorkin accuses Palin of being a “phony.” But really, are there any bigger phonies than those who live and work in Hollyweird?

Source: Huffington Post

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If there’s one thing the morons at Media Matters hate more than Sarah Palin, it’s Fox News. When they can combine them both in one story, well, now that’s the jackpot, damn it.

So when Media Matters saw this clip of Sarah Palin punching out former aide Nicole Wallace on Fox News, they immediately put it up on the Media Matters website and accused Fox of producing it.

Oops. Looks like someone explained reality to them and they had to run the following correction.

*CORRECTION: This clip’s original headline stated that “Fox’s Special Report creates special video of Sarah Palin punching Nicolle Wallace.” The video Special Report ran was originally from NBC’s The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. Media Matters regrets the error.

Ahhh, what the hell, Media Matters. Why bother with a correction? Your original headline was as close to being accurate as you’ve come in a long time.

Media Matters

H/T: Tim Blair

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Bristol Palin surprised everyone Tuesday night when viewers of the popular Dancing With The Stars TV show voted her into this year’s finals. She’s really not one of the best dancers on the show, but who cares? DWTS is as much a popularity contest as it is a dancing contest.

Bristol’s unexpected success has driven the leftwing Tweetosphere absolutely insane. Bug-eyed, frothing at the mouth, shaking with anger.

They say she’s fat. It’s fixed. I’m pissed. She’s Sarah Palin’s daughter. She can’t dance. Teabaggers cheat. And so on and so on and so on.

Thousands of lunatic lefties felt compelled to share their sickness on Twitter. Here are some of our favorites:

And if any of my white co-workers bring up DWTS this morning, I’m throwing this whole pot of coffee on they ass…try me


Bristol Palin is to Dancing With The Stars as Sanjaya is to American Idol.

The TParty are attracted to Bovine footwork and weak resumes.

these republicans are taking over! They vote Brandy off of DWTS and kept Bristol Palin! Crazy!

DWTS is not about being relateable, its about CELEBRITIES dancing, not fucking retards like Bristol “dancing”

Anyone notice that BP’bristol palin’ is also the initials of the company responsible for the oil spill in the gulf? Coincidence?

be glad ur teabaggers ensure that your self-esteem-enhanced but talent deprived daughter doesn’t learn the truth

If you really want to stop the teaparty/Bristol Palin DWTS farce then fight fire with fire. Do what they do; cheat.


bristol palin gets $10k for every week on DWTS. she’s a teen mom w/o an education. i don’t care if she’s not good or if it’s rigged.

If Bristol palin wins DWTS then I believe the country will go bonkers

I heard bristol palin is in the finals of DWTS. If she wins then america is doomed because that means sarah palin is going to run for pres

I’m so tempted to go “OMG! Did you know that Diebold is counting DWTS votes?

I rarely watch DWTS. But now I’m irked. It’s only a stupid dance show right? Wrong. It’s cheating. It’s racism, it’s HS popularity BS.

DWTS is just an elaborate ploy to lure Bristol under the bucket of pig’s blood.

Ok. I just heard Bristol Palin might win DWTS. WTF?!? She got worse each week. Obviously Sarah Palin paid someone off!Exit polls of DWTS voters indicate 25% are Dems, 30% independent, and remainder are w Bristol wing of #Teabag Party.

Who the do the Palin’s think they are??!! 1st they rigg DWTS voting…now the Presidency?? Enough!!

LMFAO!!!! omg!!!! man if she win DWTS America finna go HAM & I’m moving 2 mars in fear of my life…

It’s not going to sink in for people how big this horrible injustice is until next week when Bristol is crowned the champion of DWTS!

I’m pretty sure Bristol Palin is the first person to never get in shape in DWTS history. She looks like a log with sparkles.

I have one thing to say about those DWTS fans. I hope you’ve got the wide screen to better present the wider Bristol.

Bristol Palin making the finals of DWTS is precisely why the Founding Fathers didnt want direct voting to elect the leaders of the country

wow my mom is cussing out Bristol Palin in Vietnamese, she’s devastated that Brandy went home!! She takes DWTS very seriously

If that substandard Bristol wins DWTS….. I’m DONE with #ABC! Teabaggers are already on the list of vile, stupid creatures.

DWTS put lipstick on a pig, now they’re trying to teach it to dance.

Why Is Stiff Ass Rythmless Bristol in The Finals Should Be Ashamed #SlapYourself!!!!!!!!!

The show should be called:Dancing with the talentless teenage unwed mom whose merit is to be the daughter of the dumbest US politician

I feel the only reason Bristol Palin is still on DWTS is because her mom is backstage w- her Bible…and her gun.

But this conservative Tweet is our absolute favorite:

Bristol made it into finals of DWTS along with Jen Grey, Kyle Massey and Lisa Murkowski who is launching a write-in campaign.

Source: Twitter/DWTS

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Few original ideas have ever been generated in Hollywood and even fewer have ever come from Washington, DC. The two towns were made for each other.

So following the successful debut of “Sarah Palin’s Alaska” (TLC reported a record 5,000,000 viewers for the premiere episode), agents representing other politicians are rushing to Hollywood to pitch reality shows for their clients.

So here are some other reality programs we’re looking forward to in the near future:

“Harry Reid’s Nevada”

Harry Reid Join the soon to be former Senate majority leader as he goes prospecting for gold on K Street. Visit his boyhood home in Searchlight, Nevada and learn how he became wealthy working in the private sector for a mere two years. Watch him give charisma lessons to other Democrats. Don’t miss a moment when Harry Reid’s Nevada premieres Sunday, Nov. 14 at 9/8C only on MSNBC.

“John Kerry’s Massachusetts”

John Kerry Deep in the wilds of a Massachusetts gated community, John Kerry faces the toughest decision of his life: where to dock his new yacht. The gang from Jersey Shore make a cameo to explain to Senator Kerry how lowering taxes can promote economic growth and result in more government revenues. Later, Kerry fights for wind power in someone else’s backyard. It’s “John Kerry’s Massachusetts” premiering Monday, November 22 at 9/8C on CNN.

“Barbara Boxer’s California”

Barbara Boxer Wham-Bam-Don’t-Call-Me-Ma’am. Barbara Boxer gets in a tiff with a barista at Starbucks who refuses to call her grande skinny latte a “Senator Grande Skinny Latte.” Join Barbara as she explores the California Aqueduct through the dried-up breadbasket of California’s Central Valley and all the way back to the spawning grounds of the endangered delta smelt, stopping, of course, at 5-star resorts along the way. “Barbara Boxer’s California” debuts Tuesday, November 23 at 9/8 Central on MSNBC.

“Elliot Spitzer’s New York”

eliot spitzer Experience New York like you never have before as Elliot takes you on a wild romp through the Empire State. Accompany him as he rides bareback through the canyons of the Adirondacks. Catch crabs with the former governor as he plunges his rod into the pristine waters of the Hudson. Bone up on you local history as he navigates the annals of the world’s oldest profession. “Elliot Spitzer’s New York.” Premiering next Friday at 9/8 Central only on IHTM-TV.

“Lisa Murkowski’s Alaska”

lisa murkowski Lisa Murkowski debates changing her last name to Smith to ease future write-in campaigns. A trip to the hairdresser ends in disaster when the resulting new doo looks “too modern, like something out of the nineties.” She decides to keep her 70s-inspired locks for additional coverage on the Drudge Report. “Lisa Murkowski’s Alaska.” Don’t miss this special premiere Monday, November 30 at 8/8 Central on Animal Planet.

“Dennis Kucinich’s Ohio”

Dennis Kucinich In this episode Dennis Kucinich plays Risk with two old high school chums, but opts out when the game becomes, “increasingly militaristic.” After accusing his old friends of imperialism, Kucinich breaks from the game to immediately build a peaceful agrarian community on his board. Noam Chomsky makes a guest appearance. “Dennis Kucinich’s Ohio” premieres Monday, November 29 at 9/8 Central only on Pravda TV.

“Barack Obama’s Kenya”

barack-obama-tv Travel back with the President as he returns to his homeland. Be with him as he makes the adjustment from the imperial opulence of the White House to the spartan furnishings of his brother’s one-room shack in Nairobi. Travel the land as he seeks out anyone who remembers his birth and pays them to forget it. Watch the dramatic premiere of “Barack Obama’s Kenya” this Sunday, Nov 28 at 9/8 Central only on IHTM-TV.

“Chuck Schumer’s New York”

Chuck Schumer This is the reality show in which the star is never off camera. He stars in all the commercials, voice overs and station breaks. Experience the seesaw excitement as Chuck demeans Wall Street bankers one minute, then strong arms them for campaign contributions the next. Don’t miss “Chuck Schumer’s New York,” premiering November 24 at 8:00 p.m. on PBS.

“Maxine Waters’ South Central”

Maxine Waters Yo, what you looking at, honky? Turn your damn TV off. This show is for black people only because you white people have had your own TV shows for too damn long. Co-stars Demond Wilson from “Sanford & Son” and “Rodney King from Can’t We All Just Get Along?” “Maxine Waters’ South Central” debuts November 24 at 8/9 Central on BET.

“Al Franken’s Minnesota”

Al Franken Al Franken, Minnesota’s favorite son, shows you the highways and byways and underhanded ways of the Land of Ten Thousand Missing Votes. Visit comedy clubs across the state in search of someone who finds him funny. Discover that the Al Franken persona is an act, but the Stuart Smalley persona is real. Don’t miss the series premiere of “Al Franken’s Minnesota,” November 24 at 8/9 Central following the season premiere of Prairie Home Companion on PBS.

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Expect an increase of PDS – Palin Derangement Syndrome – in the coming days. Until Sarah Palin announces that she will or will not run in the 2012 election the left will remain in attack mode with an increased effort to smear her. Tuesday night on CNN the host of 360 made his contribution to the cause.

Anderson Cooper was commenting on the sniping between Palin and the Wall Street Journal. It’s a bit convoluted so stick with us: Palin made a statement based on something she read in the Journal. A reporter for the Journal attacked her on her facts. Palin fired back, pointing out she got her info from his paper! The WSJ posted an editorial that defended Palin.

Cooper’s take on this?

Palin owes the guy an apology for attacking him and is becoming unhinged because she has been attacking the media a lot lately.

Yes, in the Bizzaro world of Liberals, the woman who has been under a steady barrage of attack from the media since before they even knew who she was (as we learned in the Journ-O-Listo scandal) is the one who is unhinged and should apologize!

Cooper spent five full minutes on his Palin bash before bringing on guests David Gergen and Dana Loesch to offer their opinions. Why aren’t the guest spots seen in the clip CNN posted at Cooper’s site? Because BOTH disagreed with him and pointed out that Palin was right. The network, in true CNN-hide-the-truth fashion, edited them out.

Our question for the Coop: Did you do a segment demanding an apology from PBS’s Gwen Ifill and the Daily Kos’ Marky Milquetoast for their farcical and incorrect attack on Palin for her statement to the Tea Party, “Let’s party like it’s 1773”?

Of course not.

– Written by Sonny Palermo

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The midterm election results prove Sarah Palin continues to be a formidable force in US politics. Since facts bear this out as most of her candidates won, MSNBC was left with no choice but to make stuff up about her. In other words, it was business as usual at the leftist network.

In between their usual sniping snippets of FOX envy, and snark-snogged attacks on all things conservative, the President’s propaganda channel dedicated delusional Eddie Schultz’s closing segment to an ad hominem Palin attack, along with the obligatory bobble-head guest bought on to parrot his points, this time in the form of HuffPo’s Roy Sekoff, who mimicked the host with his “The Palin factor is really no factor at all.”

Really, gentlemen?

From CBS:

CBS News Correspondent Jeff Glor reports, the former GOP vice presidential nominee backed forty-three candidates for the House. Thirty of them won, with races involving nine others still undecided.

Her record in Senate races was closer: She endorsed twelve candidates. Seven won.

Though it’s been fifteen months since Palin stepped down as Alaska governor, she was very much in this election, stumping for candidates across the country, skewering President Obama at every turn.

“My observation of Sarah Palin,” says CBS News political analyst Nicolle Wallace, “is that she is one of the shrewdest political figures in our country at this moment. She’s also one of the most electric.”

Rather than “Lean Forward’ perhaps the network could have went with a motto more literal to their agenda:

“MSNBC – Never let the facts get in the way of a good story.”

– Written by Sonny Palermo

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Sarah Palin had some choice words for the media in Alaska when she appeared on Fox News Sunday.

Specifically, she was discussing the reporters who accidentally recorded themselves plotting smears against Republican Senate candidate Joe Miller when she called them “corrupt bastards.”

We’re not sure that’s fair, Sarah. Their news may be illegitimate, but we’re not sure they are.

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Media Matters founder David Brock says their advertiser boycott really isn’t working, so it’s up to Sarah Palin to stop Glenn Beck from causing “another Oklahoma City.” Or something.

He’s crazier than hell. Seriously delusional. Watch this interview and tell us if you don’t think he has a loose screw or two.

What’s funny about this video is that it’s being carried prominently at Glenn Beck’s website, Guess he’s not real worried about getting an angry phone call from Sarah.

If you cannot run this video in Firefox, you can try the video here.


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Writing in Time, which used to be a news magazine, Joe Klein hammered away at the old liberal line that average Americans just aren’t smart enough to know what is good for them.

He complains that “There is something profoundly diseased about a society that idolizes its ignoramuses and disdains its experts.”


Time's Joe Klein is your social and intellectual superior. And don't you forget it.

Ignoramuses, apparently, are anyone Joe Klein doesn’t like, including Christine O’Donnell, Sharon Angle, Ron Johnson and, of course, Sarah Palin, who Klein dismisses as “Our leading exemplar of ignorant authenticity.”

What is it about these people that causes Klein to treat them with such disdain? Believe it or not, it’s the fact that have committed the unforgivable liberal sin of being “certifiably non-elite.”

So who does Klein feel represents the elite and the “experts?” Obviously, the people who populate the current administration.

Apparently, the ability to scam a large number of people is a prerequisite to being considered what Klein calls a “card-carrying member of the elites.” Witness Klein’s adoration of former car czar turned financial swindler Steve Rattner, who has been fined $5 million “…and banned him from finance, for a time, because he and his partners apparently attempted to bribe major pension funds in New York to invest with them.”

In waxing eloquent about Rattner, Klein says, “Rattner is a journalist turned investment banker, an Ivy Leaguer, a denizen of Manhattan’s happiest haunts and of summers on Martha’s Vineyard, vacation spot of choice for Democratic Presidents. He did a fine job as Barack Obama’s auto czar; the GM and Chrysler bailouts seem to be working brilliantly, saving thousands upon thousands of good American jobs. I know Steve pretty well; I’ve had dinner at his house; we’ve had good conversations; our kids have played together.”

The left, of course, fails to realize that average Americans correctly consider Klein’s vaunted elites to be snobs who incorrectly consider themselves far better than the unwashed masses.

We would hope that after November 2 articles about elite politicians are of the “Hey, whatever happen to all those elite politicians?” variety.


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We would never question the mental capacity of anyone who hangs out with Kathy Griffin, because assuming that anyone who hangs out with Griffin actually possesses mental capability is a bit of a stretch. Even for us.

But in this case, it’s not so much Levi Johnston’s dubious intelligence that we’re questioning, but his dubious character.

levi johnston early show

Levi: Liar, lowlife, lothario, loser

For some reason – can it be anything other than hating on everything Palin? – the media continues to give air time to Alaska’s leading lowlife. Consider, for example, his recent appearance on The Early Show.

When asked if he has any regrets, Levi Johnston replied, “I don’t really regret anything. But the only thing I wish I wouldn’t have done is to put out that apology [to Sarah Palin] ’cause it kind of makes me sound like a liar. And I’ve never lied about anything. So that’s probably the only thing. The rest of the stuff I can live with.”

The only possible explanation for Johnston’s butchery of logic and the English language is the fact that the Early Show doesn’t drug screen its guests.

It also shows the media’s willingness to forgive anyone anything should they choose to attack Palin.

Source: The Dishrag

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If the suits at CNN ever sit down to figure out why no one watches their network anymore, they might want to review their coverage of Glenn Beck’s Saturday rally in Washington, DC.

1. If we’re not mistaken, that’s Glenn Beck, not Sarah Palin

2. Sarah Palin spells her name s-a-r-a-h

3. Sarah Palin was a candidate for Vice President, not President.

Other than that, the weekend crew at CNN did a fine job covering Glenn Beck’s Restoring Honor rally. A damn fine job.

Source: Inside Cable News

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Picture the pitch meeting. The ad agency account executive stands up and says, “Everyone knows that Sarah Palin got a lot of attention by producing a commercial about mama grizzlies. What you need to do is leverage the success of that commercial by showing that a lot of mama grizzlies oppose Palin. And how do we do that? By having Palin’s opponents deliver their messages while dressed up as grizzlie bears. It’s genius. Genius, I tell you.”

Now at this point, the client should have said, “That’s the worst idea I’ve ever heard.”

Instead, produced this remarkably awful piece of crap.

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We couldn't find a photo of Keith Halloran, so here's a photo of another horse's ass

The accomplice media paints the Democrats as the party of peace and love and harmony. Yet some of the most vile comments seem to come from the left. Like this one from New Hampshire House candidate Keith Halloran.

In a Facebook post about the plane crash that killed former Alaska Senator Ted Stevens and several others, Halloran said, “Just wish Sarah and Levy [sic] were on board.”

“Mr. Halloran’s outrageous comments are a new low, even by the standards of the New Hampshire Democrat Party,” NHGOP Communications Director Ryan Williams commented. “His publicly stated death wish for Governor Palin and her family is abhorrent, and has no place in our public discourse. Governor Lynch and Ann McLane Kuster need to immediately denounce Mr. Halloran’s hateful remarks and demand that he personally apologize to the Palin family.”

Of course, if a Republican had made a similar comment about a Democrat, the accomplice media would have been outraged. Absolutely outraged. Cries of righteous indignation would immediately demand that the Republican withdraw from the race.

But Halloran’s a liberal, so look for him to be offered his own show on MSNBC.

And when you think about it, wouldn’t that be punishment enough?


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MSNBC’s Chris Matthews may get a thrill up his leg when Barack Obama speaks, but he trembles with fear at the mere thought of “President Sarah Palin.” In fact, he says they’re the three scariest words in the English language.

“For tens of millions of Americans, not just Democrats, the scariest three words in the English language are: ‘President Sarah Palin.’”

We’re still not sure where we stand on Sarah Palin, but conceptually, we think she’s probably far more effective as a gadfly than she would be as a president.

Nevertheless, we can think of three other words that should be far more frightening for Chris Matthews than “President Sarah Palin.” Those three words are “the latest ratings.”

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Sarah Palin told Chris Wallace that Arizona Governor Jan Brewer has the cojones Obama lacks.

“Jan Brewer has the cojones that our president does not have to look out for all Americans,” Palin said, “not just Arizonans, but all Americans in this desire of ours to secure our borders and allow legal immigration to help build this country as was the purpose of immigration laws.


A man can't sit like that if he has cojones. And even if he can, he wouldn't.

Far as we can tell, Palin was able to make that anatomical analysis by observing the way Obama sits. For example in this still photo from Obama’s appearance on The View last week. C’mon, men just don’t sit like that. It’s damn near anatomically impossible if you have cojones.

One word: Girlyman.

Putin knows it. Chavez knows it. Castro knows it. Kim knows it. Ahmadinejad knows it. Hell, even our friends know it.

In the words of our brilliant, but blunt farmer father, “That guy’s gotta squat to piss.”


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As we learned from the disgraceful journalist scandal, the Liberals’ attack on Sarah Palin began before they even knew who she was. Over the course of the coming week you can expect to see Palin Syndrome reach new heights of insanity.

On Fox News Sunday, Sarah Palin said what many Americans have been thinking – that Barack Obama is not only our first black president, but also our first female president.

Palin’s quote, “Governor Jan Brewer has the cajones that the president does not” came during a discussion of the Arizona illegal immigrant battle, making her usage of the Latino slang “cajones” quite appropriate and well-placed.

But don’t expect the media to make note of or credit her clever use of words. The attacks will begin today, and they will come fast and furious from all three major networks, as well as CNN and MSNBC, the five entities collectively known as the P.R. Division of the White House. The propagandists-posed-as-pundits will express outrage at what they will term, “Respect for the office, whether you agree with the man or not.” But for most Americans that ship has sailed, no longer applicable when the empty suit living in the White House seems indifferent to the ever increasing number of citizens being foreclosed out of their own houses.

Before it ended, the Palin interview switched topics to the Bush tax cuts. Speaking out against discontinuing them, Palin said, “My palm isn’t big enough to list all of reasons how increasing taxes will hurt Americans.”

Thank God her palm was big enough to publicly bitch slap this abomination of a president.

– Written by Sonny Palermo

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