A confederacy of douches: Keith Olbemann wants Anthony Weiner to join Al Gore’s TV network

by editor on June 19, 2011

If there were ever three kindred spirits, they would have to be Keith Olbermann, Anthony Weiner and Al Gore. Dickhead, dick, and dickless.

Olbermann, making the rounds of the media to promote the premiere of his new show on Gore’s failed Current TV, responded when Jimmy Fallon asked if Weiner might eventually end up on CNN.


Don't worry, Keith. No one will be listening, no one will be watching.

CBS News reports the former MSNBC host’s supposedly witty riposte:

“Well, you know, I’ve got a nine o’clock show that I am probably going to hire somebody for,” Olbermann told Fallon, referring to the space immediately after his upcoming new show, Countdown with Keith Olbermann on Current TV.
Fallon asked Olbermann if would hire Weiner.

“Eliot Spitzer is doing okay on CNN at eight o’clock,” Olbermann replied with a smile.

Spitzer’s doing OK? Looks like Olbermann is playing as fast and loose with the truth as ever.

Friday, the night that Olbermann uttered these words, Bill O’Reilly had over 3,000,000 viewers. Nancy Grace wrangled in 1,677,000 on HLN. Lawrence O’Donnell attracted 903,000 to MSNBC. And Spitzer drew a mere 541,000.

So now we know what Current considers the benchmark of success: Half the viewers of the number three show in the time slot.

Source: CBS News, MediaBistro.com

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It’s ok with me if weiner joins algores tv station. I don’t watch any station that promotes a green agenda, a racist agenda or the homosexual agenda.

Not so silent

The introduction for the new Anthony Weiner show:

And now from Current TV, a man with a firm grip on todays political landscape, A man who can point you to the left as no one else can, The man who knows how to grill with the best of them, The hardest liberal on television and friend to porn stars everywhere…It’s the AL Weiner show. The Al Weiner show, brought to you by the Stiff Frank’s Weiner Company of Boston. And now heres your favorite hot dog…ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL WEEEEEEEEEEEEiner!!!! (slapping sounds)


i can just see it now! “it’s time for the Al’s Weiner Show!”


Will they have masseuses as assistants?


I think Olberman saw those Anthony Weiner pictures and he likes them so much he wants Weiner to work near him at that toilet bowl network Current.

Geoff B

903,000 people watch O’Donnell? Scary.


Oh yeah!!! I’m gonna watch th……Wait. No I’m not.

Jim Stewart

What is the current over/under line on the number of people who will watch Olbermann? Does the Gore channel even show up in the ratings?


It does’nt matter what CurrentTV has done up to this point. They are paying well above market value for Olbermann, & I think the goal is to take out MSNBC’s primetime lineup. Olby has a long & bloody track record burning bridges wherever he’s worked. I don’t think for moment he would’nt enjoy taking down MSNBC after they pushed him out the door after numerous fights with everyone there. I think he can kill O’Donnell in his timeslot, & I hope he does. He may force MSNBC to actually change who is on their primetime lineup, rather then just rearanging the deck chairs.

BTW, FoxNews has nothing to worry about, the ratings fight will be below their ratings altitude, well below it.


Coming to a TV near you, Keith Olbermann, Current TV’s latest addition to the swill that’s already in the pipeline!

Joe Redfield

They wouldn’t last long, given KO’s reputation for ‘not playing well with others’.

Kip Hooker

A Confederacy of Douches

That might just be the best title ever. Not only does it perfectly describe the Olbermann, Weiner and Gore triumvirate . . . but it also reminds me of my favorite novel. Well done!


I think he should take Larry Flynt’s offer to work for Hustler… http://goo.gl/duK9p What a better place for a dick like Weiner?


Ratings apparently have nothing to do with anything! Besides Gore, who else is funneling money into Current TV? Soros? It’s all about money and power, and I actually don’t think Gore is putting much of his own money into anything.. he just takes money. So who is it that is REALLY operating this leftist vacuum that’s sucking all these depraved schmucks into such a concentration of evil.


What better place for a lying moron? Birds of a feather…


Oh come on , Oscar Mayer as a sponser , TOO EASY.

I could see this digressing into alot of those worthless charity/infomercials filled with emotional lies ( Humane society , most relief charities , maybe even save the barking spiders , etc , etc ), where almost all the donations go to overhead or expenses . Big Al / Soros could cut a portion of the financial bleeding with a sucked in viewership.

I could see a ” Save the TATAS ” commercial being their most watched segment.

Wouldn’t a “Shammy” sponsership be perfect ?


This must happen, Weiner would be perfect for a network owned by Al Gore with Keith Olbermann as the headliner.


The entire network can then be sponsored by Masengill. Or at least Masengill should have to pay for product placement.