Left-Wing Groups Misused More than $750,000 in Stimulus Housing Grants. Well, we certainly don’t expect Holder to do anything about this when there’s important things like that racist Denny’s charging 5% for Obamacare.

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Hello Texas? Are you still with us? If so, why? Millions of patriots are counting on you!


Wouldn’t seceding exempt you from your share of the National Debt?
What more incentive could you possibly need?
Come on Texas, wake the hell up!


You gotta love the math: the feds gave the city $392,982 – the city passed on $270,550 and kept the rest – then the grantee only spent $157,234 but the rest is missing – then it turns out even the $157,234 wasn’t spent on legitimate stuff. That’s government spending in a nutshell. Money disappears into the ether at every step of the bureaucratic process.


How much was siphoned off before the feds even passed out the $392,982?


Significantly more, I’m sure. The higher up you are, the more you get to keep yourself. But the pond scum at the bottom are always the ones who get caught and dragged off to prison, while the big guys above them sit back and pick their teeth.


How about Cuomo demanding $30 billion from FEMA in Sandy aid, that the state will administer!
You just know that most of that will end up in the state budget and not going to those in real need!

Bonfire of the Absurdities

$750K? Crap, that’s a rounding error in the DC Democrook Slush Fund. More likely the whole $787 billion was misused.