Liberals Can’t Deal With A President Who Takes America’s Side. We will add that we feel it’s time for President Trump to declare organizations such as ANTIFA, The Muslim Brotherhood, BLM and CAIR to be terrorist organizations and deal with them accordingly. GITMO anyone? This is a good read from Kurt Schlichter/Townhall.

Let me throw down this marker: The West is superior to the rest of the world in every significant way, we should aggressively back our allies over our enemies, and the guiding principle of our foreign policy should always be America’s interests. No apologies. No equivocation. No doubt.

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I realize this article was posted a few days ago, but something relevant happened today, so that’s why I’m commenting now. Hopefully, it won’t be too long and boring.

I have had several liberal friends completely implode over the last year or so. Almost all of them are habitual internet users, esp social media. They consider themselves to be on top of things as it happens (24hr news, smartphones, laptops, politically aware) and, yes, I have considered them smart, at least up until recently.

The problem they’re having is one of addiction, if you ask me. Add to that the fact that most of these people also have emotional issues and diagnosis, one can draw a conclusion rather quickly that this implosion of my friends, as with so many people these days, has a lot to do with how they are seeing and handling things.

In the face of all the insanity going on around us, I don’t think it’s only these liberal types we need to worry about, but the back & forth of the more radical Left and Right. They both exist. And they exist at the pleasure of those who keep them as their foot-soldiers — in both the instigation of disharmony (offense) and the guarantee of military forces (defense) for certain times, as they’re needed by “leaders” and for good or ill. This has been part of the human condition since day one.

Typically, nations do this to each other, but very often citizens within the same nation are also “called” to do this… which is what breeds civil wars and revolts.

I find my friends cannot digest this fact, and as a result, are now highly disturbed. They see the country as one big hate fest that requires ’round-the-clock protesting. The world to them has just become completely unsafe, ever since Trump began communicating as POTUS with the global population from his Twitter account, and the sky is falling. Every day is doomsday. Trump himself is doomsday, global warming, and WWIII rolled into one. The Left is inconsolable. They are imploding.

Today, one such implosion happened on the phone with the latest friend completely losing her sh*t over whatever this Trump phenomenon is psychologically doing to her. When I mention perhaps she’s taking things too seriously, being on the internet too long, or worried that moneys will be taken from her, or that billions of people with the same access to the internet as she has are merely wasting time dumping words, and so what should we do, arrest trolls?? She says I “just don’t get it.”

When I finally ask, “Well, then what exactly do you want as a result? What should be the remedy?” she repeats the same response that I just don’t get it and she melts down sobbing and hangs up.

That the two forces of Far Left and Far Right are at each other’s throats, I totally get. To personally melt down as a result of this, I find completely useless as a human activity. It fixes nothing. I see nothing intelligent or admirable about people reacting to other people who are reactionary. What it says is that people are easily lead to mental disturbance and violence and this is not a good look for a first-world nation because it indicates a moral breakdown caused by years of grossly undisciplined economic and intellectual behavior from top to bottom.


Uhm it is controversial for the United States President to side on the side of the United States… smh

Not so silent

Liberals can’t even deal with each other. If there was ever a group of low intelligence, lazy and worthless people, it would be democrats.. This is one time when I wish abortions could be retroactive.