London Surgeon Reveals Extent of City’s Surging Gun Crime Problem. Yep, that gun control really works on criminals. Ask Chicago.

In April it was revealed that gun crime offences in London in 2016/2017 surged 42 per cent from the previous year while knife crime rose by 24 per cent, after Prime Minister Theresa May kerbed police use of stop and search  —  a tactic bemoaned as “racist” by activists, but which senior officers insist saves black lives.

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YAY Socialism!
Hitler and Stalin outlawing guns hasn’t taught them a lesson?
What short memories these assholes have.
Calling Dianne Feinstein!

Not so silent

Maybe they need more gun laws! Yea thats the ticket….


Proves the old slogan, “When guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns” Stupid is as stupid does. Europe has disarmed its populace and has seen a rise in crime. Dumb Asses!!!