Awwwww: The cutest political commercial ever!

by editor on October 2, 2010

Louis Pate is a conservative running for the North Carolina State Senate. We’re not sure if his commercial is just cute as hell or a brilliant parody of typical political commercials. Or maybe both.

Watch it all the way through just for the last line.

H/T: Bluegrass Pundit

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Chyna Schauer

As an independent all that I have received from Mr. Pate in the mail, and they do come daily is hate mail…..Appears to be very manipulative and outdated at 74 years old….His “pictures” for facebook, etc. seem to be 20 years old at least!


I actually live in Eastern Carolina where Mr. Pate is running for office. Just because someone wants voters to believe he is just some ole nice grandpa buying ice cream for the kiddies doesn’t mean he would be an effective leader. I have received several print ads from Mr. Pate in the mail (they come almost every other day) and they are reprehensible. Even my hardcore Republican friend commented today that these ads are horrible and racist. Mr. Pate has taken a page from Jesse Helms’ playbook and depicted the man he is running against as so dark, he has no features. Mr. Pate is certainly a man who is manipulating the media.


“Mr. Pate is certainly a man who is manipulating the media.”Kind of like Barry Obongo and every other libtard dumbocrat has been doing since forever? So what’s the point here… that non-dumbocrats are to be held to a higher standard of campaigning? That only libtard dumbocrats are allowed to blatantly lie, misrepresent themselves, and behave in an reprehensible manner without impunity? Politics has always been a dirty game, and never more dirty than what we have witnessed the libtard dumbocrats perpetrate in the last half of this decade. You’re right about Mr. Pate taking a page from a playbook… but the book doesn’t belong exclusively to Jesse Helms… you can find it on Barry Obongo’s book shelf, it’s called ‘Rules for Radicals’ by Saul Alinsky.


Just perfect!


” When you sling mud you just lose ground to your opponent.”

The screech you hear from Washington ( or maybe Spain ) will be Queen Michelle Antoinette, the travel, clothes and food maven, denouncing the act of giving children FATTENING AND UNHEALTHY ice cream instead of fruit or vegetable snacks.


mmmm, ice cream! He has my vote!


This is an awesome commercial!

This ad season reminds me of political ads from the Reagan Era… well produced, well thought out, and very on point.

…Well Conservative ads do anyway. The liberal ads are still idiotic.


He had me at “ice cream”! 😉

Bat doo-doo

Very cute and attention grabbing (which is the point). Presume he has other adverts giving more detail of what he actually stands for….. remember even a democrat could run an ad like this. OK they probably don’t have enough brains or offspring to but someone could do it for them. Remember they have war heroes and business owners too, people like John Kerry (ha ha ha) for example.


Great ad, he reminded me of my late Pop an Air Force vet of 3 wars. Tired of looking at the screachy pshycotic liberal point of view.


You should vote for this guy, if for no other reason than that he paid for the ice cream!
What a refreshing commercial. After dealing with the constant vitriol in the Florida campaigns, this is really nice to see.


What a wonderful ad. I hope this guy makes it!!

matthew s harrison

Imagine that, a conservative who lives where he grew up, is a combat veteran-aviator no less! Can anyone tell me 1 REAL veteran who is a democrat?
That commercial is your atypical rural Carolinas mentality. Mayberry does still exist all across the Carolinas-though the libtards are fast destroying NC.

Robert W. (Vancouver)

Contrast this ad with the vicious personal attack ads of the Democrats. What a difference! Incidentally, here’s Charles Krauthammer’s take on the latter:


Awesome Ad!


Man, I hate to say it, but I am actually starting to enjoy political ads. They used to be not much better than “Crazy Eddie’s Used Car” ads, but as evidenced by this one, they can actually make you feel better after watching them.


I gotta say… That’s really one of the best commercials I’ve seen, period. You can’t get mad at a guy who buys people ice cream.

But let’s picture the Democrat version… “I’m ______ and the government paid for this ice cream!”


Hey! Someone ought to make that into a commercial!

“Elect me, and I’ll make sure your neighbor pays for your ice cream!”