Marine Colonel Announces Run Against Roy Moore: ‘Hold My Beer.’ Nothing against the USMC or personally against the Colonel, but this smacks of GOPe involvement ala Evan McMullen. It sounds like see if you can steal enough votes to ensure Moore doesn’t get elected time.

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Another “I know better than the voters who the best candidate is for them” individual who will not make a difference. I think people understand that writing in a candidate is throwing their vote away–like voting for a third party.

Not so silent

Wonder how much Soros is paying this guy to run?


Along with Droopy and McInsane.


As a Marine I am embarrassed by this guy’s foolish stunt. He will not stop Moore and he will forever mark himself as a supporter of everything Jones supports and an enemy of what the Marine Corps stands for.

The “fraternity” of Marines that love and support America is much larger than the small band of misfits this fool will be forced into after this.