Rep. Luis Gutierrez to retire from Congress, sources say. See there is a Santa. Great Christmas present for Illinois and the country. One less pendejo in Congress.

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What’s about to fall out of his closet? Conyer has been exposed as a creep who saw women as those who he could harass. Another dip shit going by the wayside.

Not so silent

Luis and Kieth Olbermann are retiring at the same time, rumor is they are going to get married, have a contest to see which one gets a lopitoffame, and find a bakery shop they can force to make them a cake, then move to Kalifornia and live in one of Harvey Weinstein’s old homes for the rest of their lives. They want to open a democrat rest home where people like John Conyers and Nancy Pelosi can retire, and spout nonsense till they assume room temperature. Off course the home will be funded by the new Kalifornia gas tax. And staffed with illegal aliens, and other criminals. The perfect place to hide when your a democrat pervert.


My favorite thing about Olbermann is that for all of his bitching about Trump being Satan, he lived in 1 of Trump’s buildings for a decade. Go figure.

Joe Redfield

The talk is that he wants to run for Governor of Puerto Rico; Hurricane Luis is probably not what the island needs to recover from the last hurricane.