Matt Damon Talks Time’s Up: ‘I Should Get in the Back Seat and Close My Mouth for a While’. So brave. Hey Matt, if you’re really sorry for not being woke enough how about giving back that $20 million dollars you were paid to star in a movie about income inequality? It could be equally distributed to all the Harvey Weinstein victims that could have been saved if you’d cared more about their safety than your money.

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Not so silent

Maybe a trip to Mars for a few years?

Progressive Hemrrhoid
Progressive Hemrrhoid

Clown is afraid he’ll end up like his pal Ben, and get caught banging the nanny.


Hollywood. Assholes, one and all. The reason I refuse to pay a dime to watch any of their overpriced crap and am a big fan of internet piracy. Not for intellectual property such as books and software; just the movies and TV shows.
They feel a need to tell us how to live and act while doing the opposite. Sexual abuse of men, women and animals. Paying women less than men, a LOT less. Telling us guns are bad, yet most of the content they produce glorifies gun use, while ignoring firearm safety and common sense use. How many times have we seen Matt empty a full magazine at a bad guy fleeing through a crowd? Any police force in the country would fire a guy for that. How many have told us that guns are evil; yet enjoy the use of 24/7 armed personal security?
Global warming. They chide us for using our SUVs while they have a garage full of gas guzzling exotics. Flying around to private islands on personal jets. I’ve got nothing against them enjoying the good life, just don’t tell me how to enjoy the success that I have earned.
So yeah Matt, sit down in the back and STFU. But before you do, call your bunghole buddy Ben Aflac and advise him to do the same.

Joe Redfield

Close your mouth for a while – good advice which won’t be followed in Hollywood any time soon.


I’m sick of this shit. The powers that be in Hollyweird have been taking advantage of women since Theda Bara was a star. I want one woman in Hollyweird to stand up and tell the truth.

Yes, I whored myself out to Weinstein and other movie moguls because I wanted to be a movie star! I wanted the fame, the recognition, the money and to get it I to jerk on Harvey’s dong once in a while! And I am sure many young men, maybe Matt Damon, did the same.

I have a message for all these Hollyweird freaks, we don’t care! You whored yourself out for fame and fortune? I could care less. You forced your child to whore themselves out to get fame and fortune? Shame on you but it’s to late for the law to step in anyway. The only thing we care about is the truth. And the truth is a lot of people’s lives are being ruined because of unfounded allegations and gossip mongering.