Big news from Media Matters: America rejected the Republican Party in Tuesday’s elections

by editor on November 4, 2010

If you watched TV on Tuesday night or checked the internet on Wednesday morning, you may have come to the incorrect conclusion that the Republican Party was victorious in the elections. You know, 60 or so seats in the House, half a dozen in the Senate, an additional twenty or more state legislatures.

Nevertheless, when your livelihood depends of finding fault with “the other guys,” that’s what you must do no matter what. Even when the claim is ridiculous.

Like this little gem, where Media Matters Karl Frisch attempts to spin the Tuesday’s tsunami as a defeat for Republicans.


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Media Matters took the day off and re-ran an interview from 2008.


Teaparty this, teaparty tat. The teaparty is not the core of the Republican party. Much of the old guard got hit in the primaroes, thus allowing teaparty candidates to run in the general election. Nearly half the Senate will have freshman senators, first time legislators. The message is out with the old, and i with the new. The lifelong politicians shuld be shaking in their boots, no matter which party they claim.


You are right on your last point, BOTH parties should fear the voters. Also, the TeaParty is not the core of the GOP, not yet. But it will. The TeaParty is taking over the GOP through the process & from within. Many of the winners Tuesday were TeaParty backed. Kristi Noem, Chip Cravaack, Allen West, Rand Paul will join the CONSERVATIVES on Capital Hill like Bachmann, & DeMint, NOT Graham, Snowe, & Collins. Plus the 2012 election looks better because the Dems will be defending many more seats then they did this year.

As of today, the TeaParty is the future of the GOP, & if not, the GOP could go the way of the Whig Party go away.


So basically the Rep party didnt win because it WON by a SMALL margin?

Liberals… they be craaazyyy!

However Dany is right it is not a political party win per se it is an American Patriots win, after almost two years of constant mocking the tea party, 9/12’ers moderate and conservatives americans got their say and they said it loud… well not loud enough for idiots like this man it seems.


KQ, If the TeaParty can roll into 2012 & have similar results, that would be more then loud enough. Look at who is up in the Senate 2 years from now, alot of Dems will have to defend themselves, more then this year. So it could be another bloodbath if the GOP leadership stands up for the TeaParty agenda. If that happens, & the GOP can nominate a proper Presidential ticket, you can look at real constitutional change.


Actually, he not wrong, the GOP really did’nt win. The TeaParty was actually the winner for the most part. Marco Rubio, Rand Paul, Alan West, Kristi Noem, Nicki Haley, & Ron Johnson are just a few folks who are the new GOP. They are joining Bachmann, DeMint, Pence, & the conservatives in the GOP. Not the RINOs Graham, McCain, Snowe, & Collins to name a few. That’s why Spector, Crist, & Murkowski were ousted on the lead up to the elections, & I’ll be interested to see if Murkowski has learned anything or if she is a party of 1. She should be dumped out of her committee chairs if she is the party of 1. In 2012, the TeaParty needs to shrink the RINO class in the next few election cycles, & that battle starts during the next Congress.


George Soros is one evil Man…

Elrond Hubbard

Karl Frisch whistles as he walks past the graveyard of dead Democrat hopes and ambitions.

matthew s harrison

The great defeat of taking “president” soetoro’s former US Senate seat was the one that hurt most! That really hurts to take that from the democrats. We didn’t really want to win that, or the entire states in North Carolina, Pennsylvania, or Ohio-those defeating wins are going to be the toughest to stomach. The seats we earned in the North East-huge defeats. I think what he is saying is, it is a defeat, because now we have to manage 20 state legislatures, and the US House of Representatives, and all the committees that come along with all of that control. I mean, it is a terrible defeat that a Republican will be the Chairman of the House Committee on Appropriations, and the House Ways and Means Committee. Those are terrible defeats! Horrible, terrible outcome for Republicans Tuesday was!