Millions of dollars in suitcases fly out of MSP, but why? Here’s the latest scam to ripoff government money. Open a phony day care, sign up people, have them bring their kids check-in then leave, bill the government $100 million a year for a full day of child care. Allahu Ackbar folks.

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Un-frigging believable. Don’t we have law enforcement in this country anymore? I remember when the wife and I went to New York in 1999 on vacation, I wanted to see the city and Washington, and I had $2,000 in cash in my pocket for just in case expenses. And I had to declare it! And there was no TSA yet, this was before 9/11/01! Yet today foreigners are allowed to steal from people, us taxpayers, and move that money out of the country with no problem? WTF is going on in Washington?

Not so silent

Somali pirates are at work in Minnesota. They don’t need to hijack ships anymore, they are just hijacking federal funds. The morons who brought them here need to be sent to Somalia. ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRGGGHHHH Maties! Time to Pillage the day care!!! ARRRRGGHHH!


One would I”imagine there was. some kind of state supervision. license. Inspection of the site. sample attendance, sanitation, electrical wiring, safety, etc. etc..

Joe Redfield

The State of Minnesota would have cracked down on this obvious fraud but in Progressive Minnesota it is Aggravated Racism to arrest Peoples of Colors for stealing.


Paul Wellstone had a lot to do with recruiting them to Minnesota to begin with back in the day. Many of these people may have been born here in Minnesota, but they never assimilated, much like the a-hole who sot up the Pulse Nightclub. That will be a problem as long as they are enabled, mainly by leftists.