Monckton evicted from UN climate summit after challenging global warming. “‘Escorted from the hall and security officers stripped him of his UN credentials.” “Monckton to UN: ‘In the 16 years we have been coming to these conferences, there has been no global warming’.” Yeah, and in the 16 years we’ve been sending money to Nigerian bankers, we’ve never gotten one million-dollar check in return. Wonder if there’s a pattern there…

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No longer a body against tyranny, but for tyranny.


I want someone in Congress to propose that we ban the UN from our nation. Meaning, they leave NYC ASAP, & that they have no input to what happens in America. I’m not calling my Senators, Al Franken & Amy Klobuchar are hopeless in many regards, & would be here.


If you took the entire delegation of Republicans in Congress, you couldn’t come up with one set of balls between them. Nobody is going to propose tossing out the U.N.


Would you be insinuating there are some scams out there? Yesterday I heard that people are getting emails from Mrs. Mubarak with the old Nigerian Prince scam. (That would mean opportunity for you liberals.) ie my money is tied up so send me $10K and I’ll send you umpteen K in two weeks. Note for liberals, you can rely on this one as one you need to get in on. It is waay more on the level than the stuff Obama sold you on.