MSNBC screws up, reacts to Bobby Jindal by saying, “Oh God”

by editor on February 25, 2009

Someone on MSNBC disparagingly muttered “Oh, God” on the air last night as Governor Bobby Jindal of Louisiana approached the camera to give the Republican response to President Obama’s speech. And we don’t think it was because they worship the ground Jindal walks on.

We’ve never been mistaken for Aristotle, but logic tells us Chris Matthews is probably the culprit, since the loquacious host has now developed the remarkable ability to analyze a speech even before it is given.

At the beginning the evening, before Obama had uttered a word, Matthews declared that his speech was “Churchillian.” So it seems only logical that he would bookend the night by panning Jindal’s response in advance.

What caused the outburst? Some observers think the “Oh, God” comment may have slipped out during an unguarded moment of ecstasy while the obviously-smitten Matthews was imagining his man love for the president.

Either that or Keith Olbermann said it when he saw the object of his affection in a mirror.

SOURCE: Fox News

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Uh…you do know that they give out copies of the speech beforehand in most occasions. His ability to analyze a speech before it is spoken is because before it was spoken…it was written and passed out.



MSBNC must be frantically going through Youtube looking for this video and pulling it. Our first video we embedded was pulled, but we just found another.

Please post a comment when you see that the video is pulld to alert us. Thanks.


Anyone know for sure who said it?