MSNBC star Lawrence O’Donnell has epic meltdown at staff in leaked video. For you comedy viewing enjoyment. Makes us wonder if him and Keith Olbermann were separated at birth.

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“There’s a reason these words have to be cut precisely.” “And everyone in the audience is going to complain about what that guy just said is absolutely right.”

Not enough spin, huh!


How dare he assume the gender of the person in his earpiece?


Man would I love to get a channel into that earpiece and be talking to him while he’s trying to read the news. THAT would be fun.


Looks to me like the Frank Burns treatment from MASH. Everyone who works with this guy hates him because he is a pompous prick even by liberal standards. I personally love to wind up people like this; give me two days on staff and I’d have them hauling him out in a straight jacket. Just like they did to Burns in the movie MASH!

Not so silent

I bet he hears a lot of shit in his mind. That noggin looks like a radar antenna from the cold war.

Progressive Hemrrhoid
Progressive Hemrrhoid

Impressive hissy fit I must admit.

Joe Redfield

A rare view into the inner life of a Progressive: STOP THAT HAMMERING!!!