They’re giving away Oscars, almost giving away the commercials

by editor on February 22, 2009

ABC Television has slashed the cost of commercials during today’s Academy Awards broadcast.

In 2008, 30-second commercials went for as much as $1.8 million. This year, they’re going for as little as $1.4 million.

Once considered invulnerable to economic ups and downs, the Academy Awards has discovered that it can’t get away with jacking up the ad rates every year. Especially in a year when all five Best Film nominees have been ignored by movie-goers.

Here’s a tip for the Oscars’ nominating committee: Nominate movies people want to see and people will want to watch your awards ceremony.

If they can bring those rates down a little more – ok, a lot more – you could be seeing “ Presents the 2009 Oscars.” If only we hadn’t blow our entire 2009 ad budget on expensive SuperBowl commercials Doritos.

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Best Picture: An American Carol. Yeah, in my dreams. A friend of mine who’s a lib and a movie reviewer named AAC one of his worst of the year.
That’s all you need to know. “Laugh Like Your Country Depended
On It.”


I will not be watching (can’t remember the last time I watched this anti-American drivel).

I’m just loving watching ALL of these leftist freakshows go under; and yes, New York Slimes, I include you in that list.

Let’s roll.