Neil Young to release worst album in history of music

by editor on February 3, 2009

You won’t get much of an argument from anyone if you say Neil Young is the worst singer in the history of rock ‘n roll.

Yet despite this seemingly insurmountable handicap, he’s managed to produce a couple pretty good songs over the years.

But now the aging rocker is about to release a CD completely dedicated to songs about electric cars. That’s not a typo. Electric cars. “Fork in the Road” includes catchy titles like “Cough Up the Bucks,” “Hit the Road,” “Get Around” and “Fuel Line.”

Here’s a video of the title track. Consider yourself warned.

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Neil Young to release worst album in history of music

Again?!? Geez.


Dear Mr. Young,
You are an angry old man stuck in a time syndrome. You are proof some people never grow up. You have grown older wronger. Don’t preach to us about technology or war. You Sir, have greatly benefited from both. Now spare us your lack of talent and fade away gracefully. Thanking you in advance, Divine_Moments.

Neil Old

This sucks ass.
My ears are bleeding.

Neil Young couldn’t sing when he was young, now he not only sings terrible but looks ridiculous.


“Well I heard mister Young sing about her,
Well, I heard ole Neil put her down,
Well, I hope Neil Young will remember,
A Southern Man don’t need him around anyhow…”


Although I will admit to enjoying ‘Rust Never Sleeps’