New Government Motors commercial says, “Help. I’ve fallen and I can’t get up without a few billion tax dollars.”

by editor on December 1, 2010

General Motors is running a holiday commercial that pokes taxpayers in the eye by thanking them for helping the company get back up.

The ad says, “Everyone falls down.” And that’s true, But, damn it, when most of us fall down, the government doesn’t rush in to give us $50 billion.

What GM should really be thanking us for is losing $9 billion on their initial public offering. And for all the stock that was given to the corrupt UAW. And the for $45 billion in unique tax credits they were awarded. And for the way the original stockholders and bondholders were screwed so that the President’s allies would profit. And for the way they were allowed to claim they had repaid the loan when they really hadn’t.

In reality, the commercial shouldn’t say, “We all fall down.” It should say, “We’ve fallen and we can’t get up without screwing the taxpayers.”

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I saw this inane commercial during the Thanksgiving day football game – my brother and I sat there watching it with puzzled expressions, while my dad put it succinctly – “What the hell is this all about??” When we found out it was for GM, my brother and I both said in unison, “Government Motors!” I’m gonna stick with the bail-out free Ford.

Jim Stewart

Ford Motor Company should run a commercial extolling the virtue of of bootstraps.

Elrond Hubbard

We all fall down, it’s true. But few of us get multi-billion dollar pick-me-ups or federal bankrutpcies that screw secured creditors to the benefit of the UAW.


When you think about it, there should be no foreign cars with Obama stickers on them if they believe in bailing out GM & Chrystler. If those people would have bought GM & Chrystler autos, they would’nt need to be bailed out.


This sort of thing is utterly disgusting. It’s an insult to every American who DID NOT WANT TO FUND IDIOTS. Those people ruined their business, those overpaid, pompous jerks took our money, and ran. While the American worker, as usual, was screwed. GM should return every penny of that money, fail, and live like the rest of us. The money should be distributed to all those who lost their jobs due to uncontrolled corporate greed, so they can at least live with some decency and dignity.

pickle squirt

Don’t thank me, any of my tax money that was used to bail out the UAW was strickly without my consent.