January 22, 2019: New York state votes to allow abortion right up to the moment of birth.

January 30, 2019: Governor of Virginia says it’s okay for doctors to kill babies after they are born.

March 29, 2019: New Jersey mother gives birth at home, suffocates baby, places in garbage bag, tosses into dumpster.

April 10, 2019: New Jersey mother in court to face murder charges. Now, how can prosecutors make a logical case for murder charges against this mother? How can what Planned Parenthood does hundreds of times every day be okay, if what this mother did once is a crime?

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I asked that SAME question! I kinda hope her lawyer uses that as a defense, just to shove the irony down the throats of the left. Then I hope the jury fries her.


I’m with you, I hope the lawyer uses it as a defense just to show people the path we are on.

Not so silent
Not so silent

According to the libtards, babies are an inconvenience, something you can just throw away and not worry about it. The little Hitlers could care less..