New twist in Bundy trial to reveal names, details of wrongdoing by feds. It appears the BLM may not be having a good trial.

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Joe Redfield

It will be interesting to see if the new Trump DOJ pursues these Western land cases with the same fervor that BO did.


Judge Navarro is wrong in her ruling that the the discovery of the report does not rise to the level of dismissal for prosecutorial misconduct. It certainly does rise to that level. The Feds knew that there was a report and did everything to hide it from the defense.

If i don’t turn over my notes and all reports, I can kiss my career good bye. Then my ass will be setting in jail for obstruction of justice. What is the difference?

The Feds may get some type of conviction for obstructing federal officers from doing their job. Other than that, good luck feds. You have already stepped knee deep in it. Another quagmire shit pile left to be cleaned up. At least the cow pies left by Bundy’s cattle were bio degradable.