Nothing scares Obama like truth. The Boston Herald is throwing MSNBC under the bus. Anoather signal Obama is in deep doo-doo come November.

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Big Al
Big Al

Bammy you must keep your supporters in the dark like a mushroom and feed them plenty of shit for brain fertilizer.


Leaving aside the liberal bias/conservative bias argument for a moment, Fox is just a more professional product than either CNN or especially MSNBC. Any honest person can see this by watching them.


Yes the Herald is reasonably conservative or at least not overtly leftist. I remember back in the day when it was the Boston Herald-American. Perhaps that name was too controversial. Or it was just a newspaper merger and later the owners decided to simplify the name. I like my theory better.


I think you are confusing the Herald with the Globe. The Herald has always been more or less on our side, and Michael Graham very much so, with this regular column and I believe he still has a radio show too — you know, one of the hate-filled, racist, Teebagger-propaganda spewing right wing radio shows.

Now if the GLOBE was running a column like this — yes, it would be a sign of the End of Days!