Nutty environmentalists say that Mr. Glacier is sad

by editor on September 10, 2009

So a priest, a rabbi and an environmentalist walk into a bar...

So a priest, a rabbi and an environmentalist walk into a bar...

Environmentalists are atwitter over a recent photo of a Norwegian glacier that shows water gushing from a crack in the ice formation.

What? Isn’t it summer, you ask? Don’t glaciers typically melt a little during summer?

Sure, but for the same people who make fun of people who see the image of the Virgin Mary burnt on the side of their toast or for football fans who see the Philadelphia Eagles emblem mysteriously appear in a bowl of Cheerios, the water flowing from this fissure in ice is actually proof that the earth is sad. If you look closely, or take LSD, the ice formation resembles a face. And, if the acid is really, really strong, it looks like water is pouring out of the eye. Like tears!

Yes, this Norwegian glacier has been transmogrified into a weeping Mother Nature. A crying Gaia. The Virgin Mary on the rocks.

But perhaps there’s another explanation.

Perhaps Mother Earth is laughing so hard at these dumbass environmentalists that she’s actually crying.

Source: Daily Mail UK

– Written by Sven Waring

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Hey, wait a minute. . . if you squint real hard and turn left it looks like a combo of Michael Jackson and Obama with their face melting.


It looks like Michael Jackson. I’m starting to cry now.