Obama hammered for “jetting around,” taking vacations while Americans suffer. The local media does not treat the king with the same deference as the national media clowns do, and it shows – he really isn’t very good at handling tough questions. Waitress, can we get some more waffles for the President, please? Never mind, he’s making some now.

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Progressive Hemrrhoid
Progressive Hemrrhoid

“Dear Leader” work hard? Now there’s the joke of the year. Sure he works hard if you can consider golfing and going on vacation work.


Now wait a minute. Adding up those golf scores, figuring out where Moo and the kids are at any given moment, and going to all those campaign stops, er speeches, is hard work!


But I thought raising a family was easy, just ask Mrs Romney


How hard he supposedly works has nothing to do with the number of trips the FLOTUS has taken all over hell’s high acre. Cut down on the cost of using Air Force one by not using it.


There’s just no end to his egotistical, narcissistic BS. He sure holds himself in high regard while he destroys this country. What a DICK.


“Well I don’t *stutter stutter stutter* know how many viewers you’re talking about that say that … Well I hear from all kinds of (?) about everything.”

What an ass. The question was valid, just answer it. Instead he tries to undermine it, then turns around and plays the victim because he “hears from all kinds.” America is suffering while the first family jets around like royalty on the tax payers dime. The worst part is he might win again.


If I were doing the interview, I’d have hammered for ever coming back from vacation.


Anyone out there who wants to make a point out of this 1, here’s how…

Make an Obama concert shirt, like you would buy at a concert, with him on the front looking aragant. On the back, list the cities & places where him & the family have been, with the dates as well. We have all seen those shirts, & it would make the point.


Work hard for the American people? Since when? He has worked hard for unions and for greenies and for Soros and other pals but not for all of the American people. He is an empty suit.

Big Al

The suit is not empty he and it are full of sh…