Roosevelt had fireside chats, Obama has primetime blabbers

by editor on February 8, 2009

Obama Press ConferenceNetwork TV was seduced by the sound of Obama’s voice. But now they’ve had about enough of it in primetime.

At a time when the network are struggling for every rating point and fighting for every advertising dollar, President Obama is making the situation even worse.

When the president speaks, networks go to commercial-free coverage. Obama’s repeated primetime appearances are costing the networks millions of dollars in advertising revenue they desperately need.

“His economic stimulus package,” noted one network executive, “apparently does not extend to the TV networks.”

All we need here is a little creative product placement. How about if Obama does his next primetime address while wearing one of those funky blankets with arms. Run a little graphic down at the bottom of the screen that says, “This presidential address brought to you by Snuggies.”

Problem solved. Thank you very much.

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Mr. President, I knew Franklin Roosevelt; Franklin Roosevelt was a friend of mine. Mr. President, you’re no Franklin Roosevelt.