How can you tell when President Obama is lying? He moves his lips.

by editor on April 5, 2011

Holy crap. Has this guy ever said anything that’s true?

He said he’d end the war in Iraq, but we still have 50,000 U.S. troops there. He said he’d close Gitmo, but it’s still open for business. He said he’d bring U.S. troops home from Afghanistan in July 2011, but that’s not going to happen. He said he’d end rendition, but it’s still going on. He said he’d stop using torture, but hasn’t. He said he’d lift the embargo on Cuba, but it’s still in place.

He says he was born in Hawaii. Is it any wonder people doubt him?

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… but … but you have to understand he has been busy: golf, parties, travels, apologies, ass kissing, making more wars in other countries, spending trillios of our money, getting involved where he shouldn’t get involved in… very busy… I will give him a pass since he is such a swell guy and all of that





Youz funny, mang


The guy sounds like a carnie barker; “Hurryeez, hurryeez, hurryeez! Steps right up! Puts yerz qwuatas on yerz luckiez numbas! Winz yerzself a stoof’d doall! You looze! Move along kid, youz bothers me!


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In 2008 at a rally, he said he’s against government-mandated healthcare. True story. The vid is on Youtube.

Taxed to Death

Run Hillary Run!!!

I think everyone should push for Hillary for the Democratic nomination and then we can drop her. Lets jsut get rid of this socialist liar first.


Oh come on, of course he’s told the truth before. He really, really does want to spread Joe the plumber’s money around.


All I can say is that the education system in the USA has reached such a miserable state that a good percentage of people will believe anything he says. The man contradicts himself constantly, sometimes in the same reading off of the teleprompter.


“The first thing I will do”…….which one came first, making taxpayers fund abortions for people outside the U.S., or seal his records?


Everything he says slides into a metamorphism of lies. The truth of Barrys grass root support “it begins with us “it is composed primarily of the unions, those on public assistance, free phone, housing, food, illegal’s, anyone who believes that entitlements are a right of passage for doing nothing while the tax payers is told they have to pay more for the good of the nation. Its almost inconceivable that an individual that has done as much damage to the United States in three short years, bows before any potentate in his presents, that has declared that America is not a Christian nation, and apologizes globally for America’s arrogance, that has destroyed the American economy, taken unemployment to depression era levels; it took America over two hundred years to reach 10 trillion in national debt “thanks in large part to government corruption and incompetency” yet barry took it to 15 trillion in three years. Government takeover of private industry, health care, to the bailouts to the rich campaign contributors connected to the housing choreographed collapse (barney frank said it was in such great shape) and surrounds himself with 40+ czars he appoints along with the 20+ personal assistants of michelle Antoinette. I would think that barry would be so utterly ashamed and a sense of disgrace to even consider reelection; yet lacking any moral or personal pride, void of integrity, he cannot bring his narcissistic all consuming ego to accept the fact he is not the God king he sees himself as! If by some incredible resurrection of the dead via ACORN voter registration and he wins (purchases) the office once again, I predict within three years the collapse of the Untied States of America. Avocation to United Nations rule, an international currency, the abolishment of the 2nd amendment, implementation of United Nations agenda 21 (see utube) naturally the establishment of the ruling elite in the rewriting of the constitution.


Obama’s his name. Prevarication’s his game.

Big Al

I find his style and delivery to be rather “Sheenlike” these days. “Duh, Scary!”