Obama lawyer laughed at in Supreme Court. During Obamacare arguments, administration’s lawyer at times argued the fine for non-compliance was a tax, other times it was a penalty and finally attempted to make up a new term “tax penalty.” Obama’s mouthpiece sounds a lot like him – nuanced to the point of being unintelligible. Please just kick this rubbish to the curb so we can have a laugh, too.

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This is a very important issue. Especially since we have a justice that was part of the team that created Obamacare. Obama et al were very smart in not having the worst part come into play until after the re-election so the worst parts have not happened so it is difficult for the justices to weigh because no REALLY bad things have happened due to it. However, they just have to see that it is not constitutional for the country to MAKE people pay for something that they don’t want. Not saying the current system is great and fantastic but this is not the solution.


Considering I think this whole SCOTUS thing is a dog and pony show, I think they were all laughing at us rather than him. It will either be upheld or they will decide they can’t rule on it till 2015. Either way, we’re f**ked.

Guys, don’t get your hopes up, you will probably be very disappointed.

Joe Redfield

The government argument today in the Supreme Court is just another shot in the ongoing Progressive ‘War Against Coherent Thought’.


I dont see how people dont see a problem with Obamacare. It is obvious that this is a tax, it is also obvious that it is unconstitutional for the government to make it illegal for citizens NOT to have something. It makes no sense.