Obama lied, pelicans died

by editor on June 14, 2010


We don’t really need to list all the lies this administration has told about the Gusher in the Gulf, do we?

Nah, we don’t have enough bandwidth.

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matthew s harrison

I am with you danyboy. There are thousands of animals dieing slow painful deaths because BP sucked up so hard to barry , that barry’s people gave them a pass on a safety audit that shouldn’t have passed. We all lose, cause barry likes to have his ass licked by crony capitalists trying to buy his favor, and because BP was pulling a GE.
While BP does this, GE is quietly selling more stuff to IRanian front companies at the behest and with the blessing of barry and company.
What the hell were all the morons thinking who voted for this douche?
I am sick to my stomach after seeing photos like the one above-and were my health better, I would drive down there and help save as many animals as I was able to. And I would beat the piss out of some retard libs while down there. oh, I forgot, it is against the law to say retards now. my bad.


This is Luke the pelican. He heard the evil voice of the Emperor ” Luke……Luke….. join the dark side! Together we can rule the universe………. and kick a$$ together”


Photos like the 1 used for this story break my heart. I sadley believe that there are many on the left, Obama included…no, especially, that love photos of wildlife covered in oil to use as a hammer to ram their radical green policies down America’s throat. I will say outfront that I love “Big Oil”, they allow America to do what it needs to do at a reasonable price. Some companies are better then others, & BP may learn a hard lesson about getting into bed with people who will kill you in the end. BP has been in bed with Obama since “day 1”, & has been doing what GE has been doing by trying get ahead in the “green economy” through various forms of crony capitalism by having a close relationship with those in power to gain favor. Now, nobody is doing anything to really stop the leak, & those who could help stop the leak & those who could help contain the oil are not being allowed to do so, & THAT IS THE FAULT OF THE OBAMA REGIME. No way to spin out of this 1, & I hope the American voters finally see what needs to be done.


What are we at…50 days of this mess and hes NOW going to meet with the BP executive after saying he already knows [white] people like that?

What a schlub!

He knows only ONE thing and thats how to campaign. Everything else is obviously beyond his capacity.


The POTUS’ newest moniker: Oil Slick Barry!