Are Obama’s primetime TV appearances designed to damage Fox?

by editor on March 19, 2009

"Have you...uh...seen my teleprompter, Dave...uh...Jay?"

"Have you...uh...seen my teleprompter, Dave...uh...Jay?"

President Obama is wearing out his welcome with America’s television networks. Especially at Fox, home of his harshest critics.

The economy is struggling, advertising sales are dropping, ratings are sagging, and all the networks lose revenue every time Obama interrupts their regular primetime programming. But none are impacted as severly as Fox.

Obama always requests primetime coverage on Tuesday, the one night of the week that does the most damage to Fox.

Fox “owns” Tuesday nights thanks to its two-hour American Idol programming block. Next week the network will be forced to shift its line-up, pushing each of the regular “Idol” broadcasts back a day.

“At a time when we’re struggling not only financially but to build audiences, this doesn’t help on either front,” one network executive said. “These repeated interruptions — and the rumor of even more to come — really make it difficult to build audience flow and loyalty. We will all lose one or two million dollars for this.”

“I believe in the president and his policies, and as broadcasters we have a responsibility to provide the airtime,” said another network insider. “But these frequent primetime requests are wreaking serious havoc with our schedule and our advertisers. Ratings are down everywhere and the airtime is costing us all significant dollars when we can least afford it.”

So much for the “stimulus” plan.

But let’s get to the more important issues. Adam Lambert. Did you love his version of “Ring of Fire?” Or did you hate it?

Source: The Live Feed

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“Obama always requests primetime coverage on Tuesday, the one night of the week that does the most damage to Fox”.

The JournOlist in action perhaps?


I had a guy at my blog today tell me “you people” out to do posts about more important things in these times….just because I had a post about abortion; I went to his site and his latest post was Obama on Leno, suggesting that “they’d not shirk from asking obama the tough questions!”
I guess he thinks THAT’s really important!?


Obama’s planning for his show-biz career after he’s out of office.

Bob Seinmiller
Bob Seinmiller

Did someone actually write this piece with a straight face?


Obama on Jay Leno is important? You need to stop sniffing glue before using the computer.


Boo Hoo, people won’t watch American Idol because they’re watching something that is actually important and affects them…

Cry me a river, build me a bridge, and then get over it.