Misty water-colored memories: Obama said the surge would make Iraq’s sectarian violence even worse

by editor on August 26, 2010

The President is giving another of his droning addresses to the nation on August 31 to celebrate the end of combat in Iraq blah-blah-blah. You know, the speech where he’ll talk about his contributions and neglect to mention Bush or the success of the troop surge or the fact that we still have combat troops in Iraq, but we’re calling them by a different name.

This clip will probably be on every website in the world the day of the speech, so we thought we might just beat everyone to the punch and remind you what Senator Obama said about President Bush’s troop surge.

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Even with the clip being shown overall it won’t change the minds of the idiots about Obama. The others who are not idiots but like Obama KNOW that he is lying all the time so they won’t care.

Pittsburgh Z
Pittsburgh Z

Now if that clip does NOT make it to a campaign ad for the Republicans then they are the biggest wussies ever!

They should run it just before and after his address to the nation next week.


Yeah, kind of like “before and after” pictures.

A composite of the 2 could be titled, “This is Your President Doing the Hypocrite Spin”.


That’s not fair. Everybody knows that his words, promises, etc. expire soon after he utters them.


For the perfect way to counter that (or any other lib garbage where they count on your not remembering what they said just last week:

Search out ‘Duped America’, ISBN 0578051249.

This guy kept score, and this is one of those sources you can use to really shut people up when they spout spin as fact.