Constitution, schmonstitution: Obama says he’ll be in office “8-10 years.”

by editor on October 6, 2010

The guy’s already ignored most of the Constitution, so he may as well ignore the 22nd Amendment, too.

Ten years is actually less than we feared. We thought he might appoint himself President For Life.

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If he wasn’t a marxist progressive who believed in collective salvation I probably would say he is an idiot. However I cannot give him credit right now with being smart enough to actually think he could repeal the constitutional limits for the presidency. This is one of those wait and see moments. He probably mispoke or he has an inner plan brewing.


Not unless he wants to be pulled out of the White House by his toe nails .


The video is dated October 4, 2010, when he’s already been in office almost two years. He says, “the next eight to ten years.” So he plans to be President of the United States of America for 10 to 12 years.

So good to have a brilliant constitutional scholar in the Oval Office.


That 10 years would only be his FIRST TERM. He’d allow the Peoples Democratic Assembly of States to vote for him again. OR ELSE!!!

Hail Obama
-obama bow-

I can haz my government cheese nao?


Let’s see, 10 years in office, 57 states, Yeppers, he’s just an idiot. Which makes it all the more unlikely he really graduated from university, then law school. His “degrees” must be from online purchase-your-degree-here sites. I’m still pissed he managed a court order to bury his entire past. NO OTHER PRESIDENT HAS EVER FELT THE NEED TO DO THAT! Much less actually carry out the plan. Curiouser and curiouser.


I have no doubt he went to the colleges he said he did. But I’ll bet my left nut he AAed his way through there. Hussein proves that the right skin color is a great way to get rubber-stamped all the way to the top.


It’s a sad time when our President makes Dumb and Dumber look like highly intelligent beings.


the real dolt is that reporter who just sits there like she’s trying to surpress a fart.


Isn’t he a Constitutional scholar? How could he make such stupid blunders as the 57 states remark mentioned above, and this “8-10…” year remark?
What do you guys think about him dumping the Village Idiot (Joe BITEME) for Billary? At first that scared me, but in thinking about it, if they lost, would we be done with them forever?

Vote Often, Democrats do!


I figure that the reason he didn’t already is because Biden is much better life insurance — the odds of Hillary wanting to get her promotion the Klingon way are quite good, actually.

Nobody actually votes for a vice president — they are just sloppy seconds, along for the ride for the most part. It is a way of de-fusing an otherwise viable competitor.


As to your other questions, libs can’t count. That’s why they get into absentee ballot fraud cases even when they were expected to win in a landslide.

Looking forward to the day when libs don’t count.


I can never figure out if he is that stupid, or if he is just tweaking the right. The liberals/left don’t give a damn he makes such stupid mistakes, but I figure he does 90% of what he does to upset the opposition.


amazingly, he’s correct about the 10 years, but he couldn’t reach the 10 year threshold anyway. seems if you become president NOT by election (by death of a sitting president, for example), you could preside for no more than 2 years, and be elected for two terms, thus, the 10 consecutive year possibility.

i still don’t know how he comes up with 57 states tho.

Pittsburgh Z

Hey! Calm down folks. All is well. I just heard an interview with Walter Mondale and he said Obama is BRILLIANT!

I wonder if Obama said…..Let me be perfectly clear….before he said this!


Congratulations, Mr. President: you’ve already managed to make 2 years feel the equivalent of 8-10. If the years 2000-2009 were the “Lost Decade” then your Marxist policies have insured the next to be the “Cost Decade.”


Dude, I’m thinking dog years, x 7.

Seriously, this guy is an idiot, & he really should’nt speak without the teleprompter. He cannot speak off the cuff & sound smart, so he should’nt.


I don’t he ever wanted to be president for life, Global Emperor is his ultimate goal, and why should he worry about some old document like the constitution, it has never meant anything to him in the past, he and his pack of thief’s are without doubt the greatest threat to America in its history. If he actually were to be reelected (ACORN registering dead people, and amnesty of illegals (criminals), because by the time he would have finished his second term there would not be anything left of the United States of America.


President of all 57 states for 8-10 years!