Obama to cut staggering deficit by purchasing office supplies in bulk

by editor on April 22, 2009

The Obama administration is about to begin saving money in a big, big way.

The Obama administration is about to begin saving money in a big, big way.

Good news. President Obama’s soaring, staggering, stunning deficit will soon be a mere pittance.

All because the President has announced that the Department of Homeland Security will soon begin buying office supplies in bulk.

In an effort to hurry along the process, we stopped by our local CostCo yesterday and signed up the President. So in addition to office supplies, every government agency will soon buy everything in bulk. Aircraft carriers by the dozens, dark blue FBI suits by the rackful, teleprompters by the truckload.

We have one other genius idea:

Costco gives away free food samples every day at lunch. Today we had their vegetarian lasagna, beef jerky, crab on cracker, and apple juice. They were all delicious.

Instead of giving people food stamps, give them CostCo membership cards. Then instruct them to head for CostCo at lunchtime to gorge themselves on free samples.

The savings will dwarf whatever Janet Napolitano saves on office supplies.

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[…] up with new ideas for saving money, like the genius idea of buying office supplies in bulk. Obama to cut staggering deficit by purchasing office supplies in bulk __________________ What the […]

B Cool
B Cool

I don’t think that we can not disagree with him because he is black, but rather because he is a facist & in control of the media…from my point of view, there is no bearing on his color.



Lets see :
My husband’s job is in jeopardy just like everyone else’s.
Today I go buy 300,000 dollars of clothes and jewelry at Macy’s. (important to know that he doesn’t make even 100,000 per year!) I come home and I show him everything I bought. After I call the medics I explain to him I returned the 2 dollar skein of yarn that I bought at Joanne’s the day before to be thrifty.
Hmmmmm – would that work? Would it be thrifty? NO I don’t think so – Pres. Obama is spending the money of generations unborn. You liberals may think that is a good idea but I KNOW you will be paying for this president’s government when I am so much dust moldering in my grave. Be happy liberals you got what you wanted – endless taxes and an out-of-control government growing bigger by the day! And, oh, we can’t disagree with the President because he is black. Lovely, just lovely.
Now, I have to go to Macy’s. I need some diamond rings and silk shirts. LOL

Larry T Durham

Take the savings from buying bulk along with that 100 mil the cabinet is “looking for” and Barry will have the budget balanced in no time flat. I am feeling hopeful for the first time in my adult life.

oc madam
oc madam

that was easy.