Obama’s 2008 donors don’t give in 2012. “Nearly 90% of the Americans who gave $200 to Obama’s 2008 campaign haven’t re-upped this year. Disillusionment, and hard times…” Well, the big problem with illusions is that they’re not real to begin with…

map of Obama donor drop outs
Donors who gave $200 to Barack Obama in 2008 but have not yet in 2012, by location. The darkness of the dot corresponds to the number of drop-off donors in that zip code.

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Not all good news. Followed the link to the article….whereas 500K+ dropped off the rolls, it is reported that 100K+ new sources of funds were added….one has to wonder. Maybe there are some that do not want the golden goose to stop laying eggs.

Progressive Hemrrhoid
Progressive Hemrrhoid

Looks like the change ran out.


I’m just surprised to see that there were that many stupid people living in Texas in 2008.


Until relatively recently Texas was run by the Democrats. And we still have a lot that continue to vote Democrat, most of the Hispanics vote Democrat, and of course, we have the influx o liberals who are voting Democrat. Look at the numbers in Houston (not exactly Teas at all) and Austin, whose motto is “keep Austin weird.” and home of the ultra liberal University of Texas. As well as being the Capitol of the state.


I guess they figure his Solyndra kickback should be enough!


This is the problem when stimulus money gets bottle-necked with liberal one-percenters… it doesn’t trickle down to the grassroots so it can be paid back to the campaign in $3, $5, $10, $20, $50 or $100 increments.


Some of the quotes demonstrate the low IQ of typical 0bama supporters. All of them are far worse off than 4 years ago so can’t donate but will still be voting for hopey changey Barack The Destroyer.

You can’t fix stupid.

Not so silent

They are recognizable by the large forehead and nonsensical conversations aka Debbie Washerhands Much and Lizzy whoop whoop Warren.


Not a big suprise. Obama’s disastrous fiscal policies have bled even his staunchest supporters white. I suppose this is the upside…


‘ “We were a little upset about healthcare. I really, really wanted that public option,” Mrs. Leitzinger said. ‘

Tr: I really wanted other people to pick up my doctor bills.

Big Al

Green Shoots
Hope & Change
Change we can believe in
Recovery Summer
Turning the corner
Jobs created or saved
Winning the future
Forward to the abyss
Now it is Choom and Doom

Dan Hawks

This is cause for some optimism, however when November gets here…let’s pray they vote even less than they give to the Thug and his cronies.

Joe Redfield

“You can’t fool all of the people all of the time.”