Olbermann takes off month of March, his show gets higher ratings without him

by editor on April 1, 2010

olbermann ratings

Uh-oh. Looks like Olbermann rantings do not translate to Olbermann ratings

At what point do the geniuses up in the executive suites at MSNBC look at the latest ratings and ask themselves the reasonable question, “Why are we paying Olbermann $7 million a year?”

We call it reasonable because Olbermann’s Countdown show got higher ratings while he was off the air.

MediaBistro reports the bad news for the oleaginous Olbermann:

As we reported, yesterday was Keith Olbermann’s official return to MSNBC after being away for more than a month. And with the March ratings period now complete (it ended Sunday), Olbermann’s substitute host, Lawrence O’Donnell, helped give “Countdown” its best month of the quarter, but still down — 21% — compared to March ’09.

Admittedly, “higher” ratings is a relative term at the ratings-challenged network. And a 21% increase doesn’t translate to a lot of additional viewers.

Nevertheless, think of all the additional limos and champagne and caviar the MSNBC execs could afford to buy if they weren’t paying Olbermann’s exorbitant salary. And don’t think they’re not thinking the same thing.

Source: MediaBistro.com

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I bet the maintenance crew were happy to be rid of him for a month ..they didn’t need to mop up his urinating all over the floor under his desk when he gets all excited.


I did know that BathTubBoy was away because he was with his father as he died. Plus his mother died last fall, so he really has no one to turn to any more. Sucks to be him.

As for the ratings while he was out, who cares? BSNBC gets beat by FoxNews with Olby or without Olby. They should cut the $7million off of their payroll & dump his a$$.


Still running Apple ads on BSNBC… I guess Jobs sees no bias in Olbermann’s carping and rants. (that is a side topic on how Job’s won’t advertise on Fox News any more. But being the ballsy guy he is- he still runs on Fox network. Gee, won’t want to slit your wrists there to ‘send a message’ with that kind of stand eh Steve? LOL!)

The title ‘Countdown’ is just a term that reminds viewers to make a list of all the other activities they can be doing instead of watching MSNBC. Clean the cat box, cut toenails, stare at blank walls, read spam email messages… With all those choices, each more fun and exciting the viewing Kooky Keith, how does Countdown even stand a chance ratings wise? It does not, sadly…

Man, you know you such when you get beat by a old, recorded version of yourself… Sorry Keith. I guess he’ll blame Bush for this as well.


have down sized my satilite package, i no longer get MSLSD. its tough i no longer know what i as a white male america who does use the n- word or slur people of color should feel guilty about.