That sound you hear is Al Gore sobbing: Only 35% still believe in man-made global warming

by editor on February 17, 2010


A new Rasmussen study that shows only 35% of Americans still believe in man-made global warming. When you subtract out all the people who make money off this colossal scam, we estimate that the resulting figure is about 2%.

Here are the details from Rasmussen:

Questions continue to mount over the science behind years of studies that say humans are chiefly to blame for global warming. But reflecting a trend that has been going on for more than a year, just 35% of U.S. voters now believe global warming is caused primarily by human activity.

The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that 47% think long-term planetary trends are mostly to blame, down three points from the previous survey in January. Eight percent say there is some other reason, and 10% aren’t sure.

But 56% say President Obama still believes that human activity is the main cause of global warming. That’s the highest finding on that question since last March.The president went to a United Nations summit in Copenhagen in December in hopes of reaching an international agreement that would limit human activities that some scientists say contribute to global warming.

Thirty-five percent? Hell, Al, you could find a higher percentage of people who believe in flying saucers. And with good reason.

Source: Rasmussen

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[…] Thirty-five percent? Hell, Al, you could find a higher percentage of people who believe in flying saucers. And with good reason.Source: Rasmussen via IHateTheMedia […]


The last three winters in Florida have been freezing! The
Lakes in England that would never freeze over again are more
Frozen than ever.
Global warming my ass!


I dare Gore to go to any town in New England today and tell them all about globull warming is a man-made problem. I dare him to come to New Mexico tomorrow and stay a couple of days, we are looking at record breaking lows the next three nights.

Come on down Al! I’m sure the good folks in N.Y.C. or Boston would be glad to hand you a snow shovel! Come on down Gore, you lying piece of crap, and we New Mexicans will let you spout your nonsense from the plains, without any shelter or heat, so you can say how warm it really is out here.


That’s not sobbing. That’s a heavy, condescending sigh. e_e


How do we start a recall of his Nobel and Oscar?


It is easier to blame humans on events affecting the Earth even though the Earth has probably been doing what it has been doing since before we were able to do anything that MAY change how the Earth does what it does.

Overall this is a scam. It is meant to make people feel bad so they can throw money at the problem and feel good about themselves.