ObamaCare about as popular as pleurisy, only 43% still support it

by editor on December 29, 2010

President Obama promised Democrats that ObamaCare was the magic elixir that would make them invulnerable in last November’s elections. He said the bill would become even more popular as people learned what was in it.


President Obama practices showing compassion with his version of the patented Bill Clinton Lip Bite™

A ABC/Washington Post poll has some very bad news for the President:

Coinciding with a federal judge’s ruling invalidating a key element of the health care reform law, an ABC News/Washington Post poll finds support for the landmark legislation at a new low – but division on what to do about it.

The law’s never been popular, with support peaking at just 48 percent in November 2009. Today it’s slipped to 43 percent, numerically its lowest in ABC/Post polling. (It was about the same, 44 percent, a year ago.) Fifty-two percent are opposed, and that 9-point gap in favor of opposition is its largest on record since the latest debate over health care reform began in earnest in summer 2009.

More also continue to “strongly” oppose the law than to strongly support it, 37 percent to 22 percent.

Nancy Pelosi said, “We had to pass the bill to find out what was in it.”

Unfortunately, what they found was that the American people don’t like it.

Source: ABCnews.com

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Sorry to hear about your accident, Paden. Sometimes, through no fault of our own, we find ourselves in a bad situation. That’s the kind of people I have no problem with helping out. But too much of our money is going to people that don’t want to work, so there’s not enough left to take care of people who have been working all their lives, paying into the system, and now need something back. No, I think the illegals and the welfare queens are much more important to the “progressives.”


And 50% of the 43% are illegals.

Its odd that since obamacare my insurance Premiums have increased 20% and my co-pay became a “I” pay.
And I really am disabled, I AM the “they” obama was supposed to help.
But No freebies for me.
Maybe its because I’m white or maybe because I’m no damn liberal but there is nothing about socialized health care that helped me.

I retired at 39 years old. I was injured in an accident that left me with un-treatable damage to my back and neck.
For the first 8 year ( from 2000 to 2008) I was able to live fairly close to the level I had when I worked, I even managed to spend a month in Florida every winter with a week of that spent at Disney.
That is until 08, since the liberals came to “help” things have gone right down the shittier, now the same level of medical care I had before cost me so much I can hardly afford it.
It also seems that every liberal piece of crap legislation was designed specifically to destroy my investments, I have a jar of pennies the liberals haven’t found yet.

My wealth was redistributed and my health care was given to someone more deserving, I guess.


Your story is exactly the reason why I seriously dislike liberals, progressives, socialists and their insidious and evil agendas. Unfortunate and painful things happens to us all, however we can take care of ourselves or allow for private charities, families, friends, communities and churches to help us if the goverment didn’t impede it by their increasing taxing and social engineering. We CAN take care of ourselves/our families/friends/communities better than the government can. All that the government should do is stick to the borders set by the Constitution and get out of the way everywhere else. I am sorry about your situation, and I hope that you have family and a community to back you up. You are a strong person indeed.

The evil part is that the government is coming to destroy family and communities, private charities and church charities as well, forcing people to depend on the government for all things. This is a serious problem. Their agenda will never help those who truly are responsible people or does who REALLY need the help. It will also go towards attaining more power and control over the masses of idiots who want everything for free undeservingly because the government need them to exercise the control they are amassing unto themselves. It is all evil. We just need to be strong.


So, any idea what percentage of tax payers (those who actually pay taxes, not just fill out a form) like this crap? I think less than 5% is about right.


Death panels are still in the Bill apparently. As such I should be the sole arbiter of your quality of life, if I don’t think your quality measures up – see ya!