Panel: Finding climate fingerprints in wild weather is valid. Climate science, as you can see, is really progressing. Instead of scientific proof or doctoring data, all that is now required to prove a weather event is evidence of global warming is a wild-assed guess. We know this is true because a panel prognosticated it. OK we’re off to see our local witch doctor for the weather report.

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Not so silent

You mean like finding Climate Nazi fingerprints all over the false data?

Dave K

Oh, BS. The climate has been changing since the earth has formed and humans had zip, zero, nada to do with it.

If people are startled by “climate change” now, just wait until the sun evolves into a red giant that turns the earth into a cinder, evaporates Mercury and makes it as uninhabitable as Mercury is today.

The problem with humans today is that they’re incredibly short sighted. They disregard history and go into a tizzy when a hurricane strikes a city that was built BELOW SEA LEVEL or when an earthquake hits a city that is developed or expanded on top of a KNOWN FAULT ZONE, even when said city has already been decimated by past natural events.

Humans are inherently arrogant. We try to modify the existing landscape to suit our needs than cry “Oh the humanity!” when it backfires and bites us in the a$$. Water shortage in southern California? Well no sh!t, you live in a fvcking DESERT!

Hurricanes, earthquakes and tornadoes are natural events that either strike randomly based on conditions or areas that are prone to them. Yet, you CHOOSE TO LIVE THERE despite known risks. You want to blame it on someone driving a freaking car? Really?

Okay, I have to stop. 🙂


The comments at the end of the article will make your head spin. Dammit, people are stupid.


OK, curiosity got the better of me. I had to see the stupidity.
I don’t thing the head moron over there will appreciate my reply to him:
Then, perhaps you can explain why Mann has finally admitted that there hasn’t been any warming in over 18 years? When the man that put forth the data that this entire crock of shit is based on, says it isn’t happening, your belief in warming suddenly falls flat. Sticking your head in the sand and yelling “NANANANANANANANA” doesn’t change that.


Thanks for the warning, I guess not all the assholes are in Shitcago tonight.