Pink Glocks? CA Lawmakers Target Makers of Toy Guns. Looks like the brain trust in Sacramento is incapable of figuring out that the first thing the crooks will do is start painting their guns bright colors thus rendering this law useless.

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Not so silent

“If I’m a gang member and I have a real 9 millimeter and I paint it pink, could that could cause a police officer to hesitate?” said Republican state Senator Steve Knight, who opposed the bill.

“When you hesitate, you can get cops killed.”

Demotards will never understand that..All they see in criminals are potential voters and victims.

I am surprised they didn’t outlaw toy guns, and mandate that boys and girls play with pink barbies, so as not to be confused with real assault barbies….


When I was a kid, I had a toy bazooka, it looked like the real thing too. Nobody ever thought I was going to kill anyone.
Now a days, they think you’ll kill them with a yellow and green super-soaker.


I’ve got roses painted on mine in honor of ‘Guns & Roses.’


I’ve got a spud bazooka out in the shed. That thing will launch a spud close to 200 yds. Up close, you know that baby will do mash potatoe damage. I miss the mash potatoe hour. I should get that back out again. It’s amazing what you can do with a little PVC, some glue, a grill igniter and some hair spray.


Lets see. On one side you have politicians and bureaucrats. On the other side you have simple no brainer common sense. Never the twain shall meet.