Police bust 30 for sex and drugs, but no rock ‘n roll at “Yes We Can” Social Club

by editor on August 16, 2011

Thirty residents of St. Louis County, Missouri – members of the Yes We Can Social Club – were busted last week for getting drunk and screwing everyone.

How could Barack Obama’s empty slogan possibly be summed up better than that?


Anything goes at the Yes We Can Social Club

KSDK-TV has the details:

St. Louis County police will release more information this afternoon about 30 people were taken into custody from a home in Bel-Ridge last week.

They were taken into custody shortly before midnight on August 11.

Police said they went to a home in the 8800 block of Snowhill Court to execute a search warrant for prostitution, drugs and alcohol.

According to the Missouri Secretary of State’s website, the business, Yes We Can Social Club, is run out of that home.

Based on the name Yes We Can Social Club we assume that’s where you come in with $100, you spend $150 and you have sex, but everyone else gets screwed.

Source: KSDK.com

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I have been thinking about this story and there is something about this story that bothers me greatly. Obviously the disgusting immoral behavior bothers me as I personally couldn’t live like this, however there is something else.

Why is it, that Obama being President, SOMEHOW made these people believe that it was or would be acceptable for them to do this?

I don’t know if this speaks worst of the people involved or of Obama? It just seems to me like for some reason Obama’s presence allowed fools and disgusting people to come to the forefront, perhaps assuming that his presence meant that they could let their behavior loose without judgement or prosecution from the law.

It just seems that his presence then (perhaps) calls to itself… foolish, evil and disgusting behavior and those that deal with that filth are ATTRACTED, and would just use him as their opportunity to let the behaviors unfurl.

I just think it is a little weird and there is something that is wrong with Obama BESIDES AND ABOVE what is obviously wrong with him. There is just something really bad about this man and there is something seriously wrong with that man’s eyes, they seem dead and cold to me.

In any case, perhaps this is too deep, but this story just allowed my mind to go there, it is just not “normal” for people to think this is okay by invoking in essence the presence of Obama into their midst while they are doing this. Yes We Can? Turn the country into a cesspool? Uhm… weird.

All I am saying is that some people wouldn’t “inspire” this… I am sure that there are no sex clubs that are inspired by the presence of Bush or even Reagan. Know what I mean? I don’t know it makes sense in my head.


This is what I always wanted to know :

Yes we can…. What?

and what kind of change is that could you please be more specific next time!


Yes we can… fundamentally change this country into a Progressive Utopia… However it was long and it didnt fit their banners so they left it out.


Apparantly, at this place, change means changing condoms between partners.


Not so silent

Liberals…Instant assholes, just add alcohol and shake well.


OK, I’ve been looking at this and I have to wonder where Obama is going to put that fist?


Ask his Safe Schools Czar, Kevin Jennings. He’ll give you an informative pamplet to instruct you.

Pat from Michigan

I just wonder when they will bust the club on Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, D.C., that’s where the real screwing is taking place.

Buck O'Fama

“Thirty residents of St. Louis County, Missouri – members of the Yes We Can Social Club – were busted last week for getting drunk and screwing everyone.”

Geez, too bad they’re not members of Congress… the taxpayers would’ve provided them a PLANE for this sort of thing.

Elrond Hubbard

To avoid cofusion, the club has changed its name to “Dope and Change”.


I bet Bawny Fawank has undies JUST like those in the photo-



“getting drunk and screwing everyone.”

Yep, that is apt metaphor for the Obama presidency.


The Road Warrior


Did Jeremiah Alvesta Wright, Jr. move the Trinity United Church of Christ to St. Louis County, Missouri?


No, you can’t.


Wait a minute. The search warrant included alcohol? Is alcohol illegal in that town?


They may have been selling alcohol without a license.


Yep, gotta have official government permission for that. They should ALL go to jail for not asking “Nanny, may I?” Oh, and paying a big bribe.


Or even worse, they could have set up a lemonade stand without filing the proper papers!


Wasn’t that a former ACORN office?


Was, is….


Looks like little Dick Durbin in his favorite panties.


Those are DNC issue man-date grundies.