PolitiFact “Lie of the Year” turns out to be true. Surely the Tampa Bay Times, being ethical journalists and professionals, will publish a retraction and apologize to Romney. [Insert punchline here.]

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Troth does’nt matter anymore.


OK. I’ll wait for everyone to poop on me over this but…..

Yep, they’re gonna make Jeeps in China. I seriously doubt they’re going to make ALL Jeeps in China, or Jeeps for sale in the US in China. I nosed around and China is a) a big market and b) they have high tariffs on imported cars (I’m seeing about 25%). You can’t blame any business for trying to make a profit, or trying to avoid tariffs, or getting in on a growing market and making some money. It’s Business 101 that if you don’t have a good price, no one’s going to buy your stuff.

What I think they’re doing is they’re going to make Jeeps in China that are for sale in China. They avoid the 25% tariff, which will make them noncompetitive. It makes sense to do it. It make sense to get in on a growing market.

What doesn’t make sense is manufacturing Jeeps in the USA, then paying to ship them to China, then paying the 25% tariff, then expecting someone to pay a ridiculous price for a Jeep when you could have made one there for less and been competitive.

Sorry, but what it appears Jeep is doing makes sense. Now if they’re going to make ALL Jeeps in China and ship them back to the US, then I have a problem with it. But, I don’t think that’s what’s going on.


PolitiFact admitted today that Romney’s campaign ad was literally accurate, but still qualifies for Lie of the Year: http://www.weeklystandard.com/blogs/politifact-admits-their-lie-year-literal-truth_696336.html

I think it must be strange and frightening to be a liberal. You must twist your mind into bizarre and painful contortions to maintain your position. Seems like it would create constant headaches.

Bonfire of the Absurdities

Well, they would probably say it’s Romney’s fault for giving them the idea.

Fuck journ0lism. Fuck the Tampa Bay Times. Fuck Politi”fact”. Fuck them all.


Seriously? That was lie of the year? Kind of pales in comparison with Susan Rice and Benghazi, doesn’t it?

Progressive Hemrrhoid
Progressive Hemrrhoid

It must be nice to work for a propaganda outlet like the Tampa Bay Times. A steady paycheck, and all the “Dear Leader” ass a person could ever hope to kiss.

Joe Redfield

What with the blizzard of falsehoods blowing out the BO campaign on a daily basis it struck me as strange(I was having a late-onset bout of naivete) that anything Romney said could crack the top 100.


In a pigs eye.