Poll closing time map. All times are Eastern Standard Time. Va and Fl results start at 7:00, Ohio 7:30 and Pa and Mich at 8.

poll closing time map

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Polls close in Louisville about now. We’ll be the first state to come in for Romney, probably closely followed by Indiana. A car at my polling place had the following bumper sticker:”I VOTE ON MORAL ISSUES:

That person votes Pro-Abortion, and yet he or she says he or she votes on “MORAL ISSUES”.


And as I posted elsewhere, how can NBC call the election @ 7:30 Eastern time?


Inside info? Maybe?

Seriously, this nation is no longer a constitutional republic, but a social welfare state. The recipient is more important then the provider, & if you work, you don’t pay enough taxes. The fallout…

Again, higher taxes, much higher taxes.

Energy prices will go up, way up. Coal, oil, & natural gas will all be phased out for green energy. $5 plus a gallon gas will be the norm. Plus wait until you home energy bill matches your morgage payment, don’t cry to me if you voted for Hope & Change.

Jobs will be shipped abroad. Hell, just watch GM & Jeep, both Gov’t sponsered entities. Lots more made in China labels to come your way. Plus all of the jobs that will never be created here because of our growing regulatory superstate. 99 weeks won’t cut the cheese, let alone the mustard. But it will stink.

Our currency will be devalued, print money, lots of new “Quantitative Easing”, or counterfeiting your money, & when they get lazy, they will digitize the US Dollar. They already are, & you will see inflation up the wazzoo.

Your gun rights WILL come under attack, via unconstitutional laws, massive taxation on ammo, & executive orders & regulations.

The 1st Admendment will also come under attack. Watch what happens to talk radio, & they will come after control of the internet. Hell, we have a guy who made a sh!tty video & posted it on YouTube in jail to cover up what happened in Libya. Don’t tell me that they will not come for El-Rushbo, Beck, Hannity, Drudge, or whoever else they don’t like. Because they will, & you know it.

You will also see bans & regualtions on everything else. Bloomberg is doing that all the time, & that will spread westword.

We may also see the attempted nationalization of “vital”industries, which will lead to shortages of everything taken over. Price controls may also be coming, which will have the same effect. History shows this, & I don’t believe those in control here understand that.

The MSM will be co-opted even further then they are, & they need to be viewed as hostile to the American way of life. They are as much a part of what’s happened in the last 100 years of progressive American politics that has taken hold. Remember that in the future.

Finally, just remember that the dependent is more important then the provider. The “Obama-phone” lady, & the “Obama’s Stash” broads are the future of America. Not those of people who create jobs & along with them, a tax base that builds our country & allows it to prosper.

…now watch it happen. Oh, BTW, the GOP needs a complete overhaul. The moderate goalong to get along types that enjoy being able to socialize in DC, Manhattan, Cape Cod, & The Hamptons, need to be shown the door. They have given us Bush 41(who got elected ONLY because of Reagan)Dole, McCain, & now Romney. Screw them, there needs to be reform of a tea party style 3rd party will emerge. The old bulls & the “it’s their turn” types need to go…NOW.


Maybe you should have thought of that BEFORE you shunned Ron Paul.


I don’t speak for anyone else, but as for me, I would not have voted for Ron Paul if the was the last candidate on earth. He is clueless about foreign policy and not much better in domestic issues. He is straight up stubborn and thinks he can run the country the way he has apparently run his little Texas fiefdom. I didn’t vote for him in the primaries, and apparently a lot of other people didn’t either, for whatever reasons. Give it up cheeto boy. Your candidate sucked and anyone of you who voted for him took a vote away from Romney, thus landing us with another 4 years of sock puppet. Thanks so much. GAG!