Pot, meet kettle: Keith Olbermann calls Fox News President Roger Ailes “King of Lies”

by editor on February 4, 2010

Being called a liar by Keith Olbermann is high praise indeed.

Obviously, it’s driving poor Keith absolutely insane (a short trip, to be sure) that Fox News has buried him in the ratings. And now that Fox has been named “most trusted name in news” in a new poll, the guy’s about to burst a blood vessel.

C’mon, folks, Olbermann is damn near unwatchable, as 308,000,000 rational people prove every Monday through Friday night at 6 p.m. EST.

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olber(bearing)mann AKA liberal limbaugh was bragging about being in second place in his time slot,


The problem is that BathTubBoy is in 2nd place in the same way Jimmy Carter & Walter Mondale were in 2nd place in 1980 & 84.


What is really sad is that if were not for websites like this one, Newsbusters, HotAir, The O’Reilly Factor, & conservative talk radio, most Americans would’nt have any idea what BathTubBoy(Olbermann)& the rest of BSNBC are about. When Limbaugh reports on some dumbass statement made by Matthews, about 40 x’s the number of people hear it then would by tuning in to Mathhews. Well it would be sad, except it’s funny nobody cares about what Olby, Matthews, & company are saying.


I cannot stand her.

Doberman whatever… he is on his way out.


High School in upstate NY offers Olbermann job announcing Jr. Varsity baskeball games. He might get more fans in the bleachers up there.


Uhhh, Olberman talking about name calling and word police? Who can forget his lengthy description of Scott Brown? The guy is a total idiot. Wait until Comcast finishes purchasing the network. The “no viewer” Olberman show will join Air America. I can hardly wait to see these scumbags and their lies thrown off of the air.