The presidents of both ABC News and CBS News have siblings working in the White House… with direct ties to the Benghazi mess. And, CNN’s deputy bureau chief is married to Hillary Clinton’s deputy. Gee whiz, why won’t the mainstream media cover Benghazi?

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Let us see, the presidents of ABC and CBS have family with direct ties to the current administration and who are involved in the Benghazi cluster. There’s no conflict here at all. Nothing to report about it and no way they would spike a story just to cover a family members ass. No way, no how.

Is it any wonder they have zero credibility. CBS executives have warned that their reporter is close to advocacy instead of reporting. Who is it with the advocacy agenda? Who is trying to save family members jobs and reputation by not reporting on Benghazi? Now that its been found out the two are covering for siblings, will the share holders of both parent companies demand that they either resign or excuse themselves from any of the reporting about Benghazi? The questions need no answer they are all rhetorical. And these networks wonder why they are no longer trusted.

Elrond Hubbard

Democrat Party and the MSM, it’s a family affair—political incest.


I object to their brand of objectivity.


The Bard was wrong. First we kill the journalistos.


Do I hear “Conflict of Interest!”


“Gee, I can’t figure this out, can you give me a hint?”

Chrissy Tingles