Proof that Obama would have handled Katrina better than Bush did

by editor on August 15, 2010


As they say in Texas, Obama is all hat, no cattle.

Despite repeated warnings, that bumbling George Bush couldn’t convince New Orleans residents to evacuate before Hurricane Katrina came ashore. Democrats have spent the intervening years saying that anyone could have handled disaster more successfully.

Now there’s proof that nobody can get people out of town better than Barack Obama. Want proof? Just look at the way Texas Democrats – led by gubernatorial candidate Bill White – fled Dallas and Austin just before the President arrived.

The Star-Telegram reports the greatest mass migration since the Jews left Egypt:

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Bill White said he never considered changing his campaign schedule Monday to catch up with President Barack Obama, who is attending private fundraisers in Austin and Dallas.

Instead, White will start the day by talking to Texans in Midland and end it by participating in the Pioneers and Old Settlers Reunion parade in Alvarado.

“This has been scheduled quite a while,” White said Friday after talking to the Rotary Club of Fort Worth. “In general, we tend to make a schedule and keep a schedule. We have a pretty disciplined campaign. But there’s no disrespect intended toward the president.”

Republican Gov. Rick Perry, on the other hand, plans to greet Obama at Austin-Bergstrom Airport when the president arrives in Austin on Monday, Perry spokeswoman Katherine Cesinger said Friday.

Perry had asked the White House for a meeting with the president to talk about what Perry calls Obama’s “grossly insufficient” allocation of National Guard troops for the Texas border, among other issues. Now Perry hopes to be able to tell Obama about some of the problems during the brief greeting Monday.

Don’t bother, Rick. The mere mention of the word “border” will send Obama fleeing town like the Democrat he is.

Source: Star-Telegram

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Reminds me of Cleavon Little in Blazing Saddles!


Mongo like Sheriff Bart! But Mongo know Obama dumber than Mongo.


L. O. L. !!!

Cracky-gram for mista Bama!


Hah!!! I was there when it all came down during Katrina… I can personally attest to the multitudes who refused to leave the Coast despite continuous warnings broadcast around the clock because they thought this was going to be no different than any other hurricane that hit in the past. Hell, I even ended up hosting refugees in my home because they stayed and then barely got out with their lives after landfall was made… they all said the same thing, “We thought the gov’mint wuz jus lie’in to uz uh’gin… Now where my check?”


Brokeback Mountain, part deux. The story of breaking the backs of the American taxpayer.
Rated NC17 due to:
Sex (leading character and a goat),
Language (costar Rahm Emanuel),
Situations (leading character’s spouse throwing buckets of money at Europeans while wearing ridiculous clothing),
Violence (war dead because of leading character’s military strategy).